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Sankat Mochan Mahabali Hanumaan 7th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanumaan watch online

Shani Dev continues to attack on Hanuman. Surya Dev is on his way to some place. Vayu Dev, Indra Dev, Narad ji, Devguru and Tridev are not happy to see it. All the Gods feel Shani Dev is doing wrong with Hanuman. Surya Dev’s charioteer requests Surya Dev to do something.

Shani Dev vows to break Hanuman’s arrogance to get him out of his way. He brings forth all his powers together. You wont be able to bear this one. Bright light surrounds them suddenly. They all cover their eyes. Someone calls out for Hanuman. Hanuman greets his Gurudev (Surya Dev). Don’t worry I will fulfil the promise I gave to you. I will not attack on Shani Dev. Surya Dev knows it too. you are going through a lot because of it. Being your Guru, I wont let you bear it. I have come to free you from it. Hanuman is taken aback. Surya Dev replies that to safeguard the Amrit; to complete your mother’s fast; to allow Chandra Dev rise up in the sky; and to break my son’s arrogance (Shani Dev), I free you from my promise. Hanuman agrees. Surya Dev blesses Hanuman. Shani Dev and Chandra Dev still stand with their eyes closed because of the light.

Everyone greets Ravan as he steps inside the court. Ravan shows the Amrit Kalash to Mandodari. None of the Asuras could do it in decades. It is my effect. I dint shed a drop of anyone’s blood or fought with anyone yet I got Amrit. If I had listened to you then I wouldn’t have gotten even a drop of it. Mandodari says I am happy at your achievement. Kalnemi calls it his biggest achievement against the Gods. Rahu and Ketu greet Ravan. Ravan wants to wait till tomorrow when there Amrit will rise up. I will drink it then. Mandodari goes to make arrangements. Ravan calls it a victory of Asuras over Gods!

Shani Dev tells Hanuman that he created this maya to keep him at bay. None of your maya’s will work before me. Hanuman shares that his father and Hanuman’s Guru, Surya Dev, came here which is why the place was lit up with bright light. He took back the promise that he had bound me into. Shani Dev does not mind it. Every other God has gone against me and the same thing happened with my father. I don’t mind at all! Hanuman yet again politely requests Shani Dev. Chandra Dev wonders why Hanuman is doing so when he is free from the promise. Hanuman requests Shani Dev to free Chandra Dev but Shani Dev stays put. He asks Hanuman to fight with him. He attacks Hanuman. This time he hits it with his fist. It flies up in the air and collides with a meteor. Hanuman tells Shani Dev he is ready to fight, if that is the only option left. I still cannot let you fight with Chandra Dev. Shani Dev decides to teach him a lesson while Hanuman vows to edn his mother’s fast today. I will do anything for my mother. No obstacle can shake me out of it! Shani Dev says your stubbornness has left me with no option but to look at you. It will only have an effect on you when I will take my previous boon back. Hanuman says you are a God and elder to me. you gave me that boon as per your wish and you can anytime take it back. It is important for me to end my mother’s fast and to bring stability back in the world. Chandra Dev reminds Shani Dev that they cannot take the boons back. Shani Dev tells him not to teach him. I am Shani Dev. I can do anything. Hanuman suggests him to kill him but free Chandra Dev. My mother will live. Shani Dev refuses to hear him. Whoever comes in my way will have to be ready to fight with me! Get ready to return your boon. Hanuman looks at Shani Dev.

Vayu Dev asks Devguru what Shani Dev is up to. How can he take back his boon? Devguru says I feel as if he has been affected by his own acts. He has lost his mind. He has forgotten the difference between justice and injustice.

Shani Dev withdraws the power of his boon from Hanuman. Chandra Dev looks tensed. Shani Dev remarks that Hanuman’s end will happen now. Shani Dev attacks Hanuman who moves aside. Meteors blast. Chandra Dev thinks that Shani Dev’s eyes are very dangerous. When he isn’t sparing Hanuman then he wont spare me at all! Shani Dev attacks At Chandra Dev this time. Hanuman warns him but then flies up with him. Shani Dev angrily shouts Hanuman!

Hanuman brings Chandra Dev safely up on a rock. Chandra Dev asked him why he saved him. you should have let me get hurt / punished. I deserve it. Hanuman says it is my duty to protect you. I have to fulfil the promise made by my mother to you. Chandra Dev is feeling guilty. He regrets doing what all he did. Hanuman says don’t feel so. Whatever you did, you did because you were under Shani Dev’s spell. Chandra Dev says I should have kept my emotions in check. You are still saving me. Thanks a ton! Hanuman replies that he should thank him for he will rise up in sky and end his mother’s fast Chandra Dev agrees. They hear Shani Dev’s voice and see him standing in front of them. Shani Dev sticks to his decision of punishing Chandra Dev no matter what Hanuman does. Hanuman again saves Chandra Dev from Shani Dev’s attack. Shani Dev says you wont be able to protect him for long. He cannot rise up in the sky. All his helpers, including you, will have to bear the brunt of my anger. I will destroy everyone. Chandra Dev requests him not to do so. What harm have my helpers done to you? Shani Dev vows to end the entire lineage of Chandra Dev! I will get you down from Mahadev’s head.

Precap: Shani Dev tells Hanuman that he is protecting Chandra Dev. How will you protect his helpers? Hanuman flies to save them. Shani Dev closes his eyes. Chandra Dev calls out after Hanuman. Shani Dev is bringing all his energies together. it will be impossible to save myself from him!

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