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Sankat Mochan Mahabali Hanumaan 5th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Hanuman is on fire. Preta’s are having a tough time standing before him. What’s happening? What’s this destructive fire that is emanating from Hanuman? It reflects in Nature too. Preta Raj’s Divya-astra gets broken. He worries that Hanuman’s anger can burn Preta Loka completely. Tridev’s look on. Kesari thanks the Gods who gave such powers to Hanuman. Now I am sure no problem can come to him but how would Anjana be taking care of those Asuras.

Anjana warns the Asuras not to mistake her for a helpless woman. Savitri Devi forced Yamraj to return her husband’s life. I am the daughter of the same land. I can do anything for my Swami. No one will touch my Swami’s body till Hanuman comes. He will come back with his father! The Asuras are shocked at her boldness.

Hanuman says neither you all nor will this Preta Loka survive now. They request him not to do so. Agni Dev looks worried. This much amount of fire can completely destroy Preta Loka. Preta’s request Preta Raj to do something. Preta Raj kneels down before Hanuman. We have come to you. we accept you as our God. We greet our God, Preteshwar Hanuman. I will make you meet your father. I apologise to you for my act. Preta’s say sorry as well. They chant Shlokas for Preteshwar Hanuman. Kesari thinks Hanuman won over Preta’s. Anjana too is taking a solid stand against the Asuras.

The Asuras advise Anjana not to do so. This is wrong. Real Sugriv, his father and Anjana’s father’s father come there. The Asuras get tensed. Anjana feels she has been proved right. They are Asuras. Anjana’s father questions the fake Asura. He tries to attack Anjana but she hits him with the mace. He falls on the ground and comes to his original avatar. Other 2 Asuras look worried. They too change their avatar.

Hanuman calms down. He comes to back to his original avatar. Please make me meet my father asap. Preta Raj signals a Preta who nods back. They all step aside. Kesari is standing right behind them. Hanuman runs up to his father. Tears fall down his cheeks. He fails in hugging his father which makes them both sad. Why can I not touch you father? Are you in the form of a spirit here? Kesari is all quiet. Hanuman asks him to come with him. Ma must be waiting. Preta Raj says it is not even in his hands to break the rules of Preta Loka. We can be out of your way but you still cannot take your father’s soul from here. Hanuman shakes his head. my father will come with me. There wont be any problem now. Come. Why are you looking at me like this? Kesari asks him who he is. Hanuman is shocked. I am your son, Hanuman. Kesari declines. I have no son and I am no one’s father. Hanuman asks him how he can forget his son. Ma will kill herself by crying. I too wont be able to live without you. Come with me. I have come to take you. Kesari says a soul has no son or wife. I am just a soul here in Preta LOka. Soul has no relation to anyone.

The Asura gains conscious. He glares at everyone. He tries to attack Anjana again but Anjana’s father hits him from behind. The Asuras disappear. They are relieved to see them gone. Anjana hugs her father and cries. He asks her if she is fine. She nods. Nani says even a second’s delay would have cost them badly. Anjana shares that Hanuman has gone to bring her Swami back. I have full faith in him.

Hanuman requests his father not to say so. You are Sumeru’s King. I am your son, Kesarinandan Hanuman. Recognize me. Kesari recalls Preta Raj’s warning words. I cannot risk Hanuman’s life. It will be good for him if I don’t recognize him. It will be good if I act like a stranger to you so you give up.

At Vashkali Nivas, Vashkali scolds the Asuras for coming back defeated. They vow to strike again. Vashkali wants Kesari’s last rites at any cost. Both Kesari and Hanuman are responsible for my brother’s death. We will take revenge. We will burn Kesari’s body. Hanuman wont be able to do anything. Tomorrow morning will bring their doom. Get our army ready. We will attack tomorrow morning itself.

Hanuman says my tears will show you mother’s pain too. Look at me. Just call me as your son once. He asks Preta Raj what happened to his father. Why is he not recognizing me? Please do something. Kesari turns to go when Hanuman calls out to him. You cannot leave me like this. Kesari closes his eyes sadly. Who Hanuman? Whose father? He begins to walk away but Hanuman’s pleas make him weak. He thinks of his helplessness. Hanuman turns to Preta Raj. Father cannot be this insensitive to me. What’s stopping him? Preta Raj says everyone has to forget his or her loved ones or they get in trouble. Kesari wishes Hanuman leaves asap. It will be good for our family. He has to go. He leaves. Hanuman calls out after him but in vain. Hnauman requests Preta Raj to free his father. Preta Raj replies that Kesari is already free from his end. Now it is up to Kaal Dev. Hanuman decides to meet Kaal Dev again. I will make him understand.

Precap: Kaal Dev says accept it as your fate. Your father cannot go with you. Hanuman agrees. I have a few questions regarding death. Where does soul go after death? Who counts the breaths of people? Did you ask Shani Dev about the same? Kaal Dev angrily shouts Hanuman.

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