Sankat Mochan Mahabali Hanumaan 4th August 2016 Written Update

Sankat Mochan Mahabali Hanumaan 4th August 2016 Written Episode Update

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Sankat Mochan Mahabali Hanumaan 4th August 2016 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Hanuman’s Adulthood
Jaamvant explains to hanuman not to feel bad, but its lucky that he got ita’s jewellery and its no coincidence that he got them, and it means his time to serve the lord rama is soon. hanuman says that he wishes to meet him asap, but he has to fulfill surya dev’s promise. jaamvant asks him not to as he shall soo meet him in time to come. He starts talking about the arrival of guru vishwamitra, when ram and lakshman returned back to ayodhya after completing her training. he reached ayodhya and ordered ram and lakshman to come along with him. hanuman asks where and why he wanted to take them. jaamvant says that rishi wanted to do a yagya at a place, where a demonic lady and her family, was torturing them, and he wanted to have them killed, before he could do the yagya peacefully. hanuman asks if Dashrath allowed them to go,very anxious and eager to know. he knows that dahsrath gave them full compliance to go, even though hesitant of their safety. they start their journey, until they reached an ominous looking jungle. vishwamitra tells ram and lakshman, that the darkness ahead indicates that taadka’s area starts due to which all are petrified, and that this darkness emanates from her breathing, and once she is killed, only after that, they can proceed further. ram complies. As rama fires an aim with his bow and arrow, he creats noise. The demonic lady, Taadka wakes up from her slumber, wishing for slaughter and destruction, to whoeever has the guts to get her out from her sleep. hanuman is oblivious of the looming danger ahead. She boasts about what her scare and fear does to all the elements of the earth, and then asks Vishwamityra how dare he challenge her. she tries to give demos to scare and petrify ram, but he is least unfazed and complies to vishwamitra’s request, and starts thwarting every move of hers. a duel of the powers and weaponry ensues. vishwamitra senses rama’s hesitation, in hitting a woman, and explains how this is absolutely correct, as she is a demon. rama says that his father asked him to comply to his requests and hence he has no hesitation whatsoever now to fire away. he fires his fatal arrow and tadka falls off to the ground, eliminating the darkness. Hanuman is overwhelmed to hear this tale and imagines what a spectacle it must have been. jaamvant says that it indeed was, and vishwamitra is impressed too, and talks about many such tasks lying ahead and that rama would need divine weapons, to fight them off, which vishwamitra himself gave along with the training to use them too. Vishwamitra hands him all the weapons, by making them drink the blessed waters, and making lord rama promise that he shall always use it for the benefit of mankind. he then beckons the Tridev to hand over the weapons to Lord Rama, and all apparate. One by one, all the lords present their weapons to him. the rishi thanks them for having been so gracious. after they all bless hanuman and leave, the rishi explains their use. hanuman understands that this was the reason why vishwamitra had brought them with him. jaamvant says that there was another reason, which he shall know soon. jaamvant says that the rishi started the yagya, which ram and laxman were securing, by creating a security shield with their arrows, that no unwanted thing can penetrate into. they werent merely securing, but also denied human entry too to create any disturbance on the yagya, but on the last day, Subahu and Marich, tadka’s sons, tried to disturb them galore. they gathered a huge army of demons, which distracted rama and he turned towards the demons to kill them all. jaamvant narrates that they both easily defeated the demons, and rishi continues undisturbed. While jaamvant and hanuman are conversing, they hear voices coming from outside. hanuman wonders who is it and it seems that some danger looms ahead in the form of enemies, and they both step out. hanuman finds that they are carnivorous monkeys, but wonder why are they coming here. they are both boggled. the screen freezes on their faces.


Precap: Sita’s swayamvar is depicted, and thereafter, hanuman is tensed as the carnivorous monkeys attack while jaamvant looks on tensed.

Written Update by Rimjhim

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