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Sankat Mochan Mahabali Hanumaan 4th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanumaan watch online

Patalika’s sons order the other Asuras to abduct Devi Sandhya. Hanuman decides to do something. He asks the other Asuras to stop. Hanuman beats them. No one can harm Guru Dev’s place till I am here. He pins both the Asuras to the ground. They become unconscious. Hanuman asks Arun Dev to take Gurumata and Jayant Bhaiya to the palace. I will handle the Asuras. Arun Dev asks them to come. One Asura blocks their way. He pushes Arun Dev. Hanuman hits the Asura who is stopping his way. The other Asura is about to hold Devi Sandhya’s hand when Hanuman holds his hand instead. He throws him on the ground and then beats him. Hanuman yet again asks Arun Dev to take Gurumata and Jayant Bhaiya to a safe place. One of Patalika’s sons attacks Hanuman using his powers but Hanuman hits it off. They decide to deceit him. Hanuman challenges them. One Asura disappears and then attacks Hanuman from behind. The other follows suit. Hanuman understands their strategy. I will have to concentrate. They keep hitting Hanuman from behind. One Asura diverts Hanuman while the other readies something to throw on Hanuman, which can melt any alloy. Jayant and Gurumata warn Hanuman but it is too late by the time he turns. It does not affect Hanuman at all! The Asuras are irked seeing this.

The Rishi’s are surprised. It isn’t sunrise yet. We cannot complete the yagya this way. No idea what will happen now. The Asuras attack the Ashram. A farmer too waits for sunrise. It is becoming too cold. All the people on earth are unable to bear the cold. They all cry for help.

Kesari says the cold is increasing. People are panicking because of the same. He asks his commander to distribute warm clothes and arrange treatment for the ill. The commander leaves. Anjana asks Kesari about the citizens. Did we make any necessary arrangement for them? Kesari assures her he is trying his best. She wonders what’s happening in Surya Loka. Hanuman is there as well. Did something go wrong there?

All the Gods talk about Surya Dev’s chariot that went missing. Surya Dev tells them that Hanuman saw a Rakshasi. It is as impossible task without taking any God’s help. Vayu Dev says maybe something else was behind it. Surya Dev requests Indra Dev to sit on his Indrasan, to figure out where his chariot is at the moment. The thief will be at the same place. Indra Dev sits on Indrasan. He opens his eyes with shock upon realising the whereabouts of the chariot. He announces that the chariot is in Varun Loka! Everyone is stunned. Surya Dev says I had a doubt on it. Vayu Dev adds that his absence in the meeting hints at that only. Surya Dev cannot believe that a God can get so blinded by his arrogance and love for son! Vayu Dev suggests going to Varun Loka to get the chariot. We will fight for it if we have to. Indra Dev seconds him. Surya Dev politely requests them not to intervene in this. I wont like it if Gods fight amongst themselves. He leaves.

Narad ji remarks that the Guru is as extraordinary as the disciple! Hanuman might have to travel not just to Varun Loka but to Pataal Loka as well to help his Guru.

The Asuras surround Gurumata. They ask hanuman to get out of their way. You wont be able to save her from us. They attack Hanuman.

Ravan refuses to wait for the mahurat. Give the sacrifice asap. Complete your yagya and get me the highest position. Mahayogini agrees. She sees Hanuman as she closes her eyes. Ravan does not hear her. She thinks she could not tell him about Hanuman coming to Pataal Loka. I will have to complete the yagya before Hanuman reaches there.

Surya Dev confronts Varun Dev. You cheated me. Varun Dev retorts that weak people cheat. I am not a cheater. Surya Dev demands to know how his chariot reached there. Varun Dev attacks Surya Dev.

Hanuman tells the Asuras they wont be able to reach his Gurumata till he is there. He looks at the mayavi jaal that the Asuras have made.

Precap: Hanuman asks Gurumata why she is still tensed. All the Asuras went away. She shares she feels as if Surya Dev is in trouble. Narad ji tells them about Varun Dev binding Surya Dev in his powers. The chariot is in Varun Loka only.

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