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Sankat Mochan Mahabali Hanumaan 3rd May 2016 Written Update

Meghasur vows to punish everyone for what Jitantak has done. No one can stop me from breaking these eggs now. No one! I will destroy these Garud eggs and there will be no one left. Gaurd’s panic. Jatayu is eagerly waiting for Hanuman. Come soon please.

Hanuman is on his way to Garud Rajya.

Female Garud’s pray to God to save their kids. We have lost our power to fly now. Please save us. Meghasur enjoys seeing their state. The revenge of Naag’s will complete today. I will swallow your eggs in a second and Garud clan will be finished. Jatayu refuses to let it happen so easily. I will have to try and fight with Meghasur as the last try. His wife tells him against it but he stays put on his decision. Meghasur thinks it will be fun now. Jatayu fails in saving himself. He prays to Hari. Please save us from Meghasur or end my life. Garud’s pray with him. Meghasur is sure no one can save them and go against him.

Hanuman thinks he will save Maharaj Jatayu. He reaches there just then. Meghasur calls Hanuman a clever vanar kid and turns in his Naag avatar. He ties Hanuman in his tail. Hanuman thinks how Meghasur got so powerful after getting the power to fly. He throws Hanuman in air. Garud’s are tensed. Meghasur remarks no one can defeat him now. Hanuman was your last hope. I finished him in one go.

Hanuman is thrown in galaxy. He greets Bhole Baba and nods at Him. Mahadev disappears. Hanuman looks determinedly. Meghasur wont be able to do any more injustice to Garud’s now.

Jatayu prays. Hey Lord Vishnu’s biggest devotee, Garud Maharaj, please save us. Show us some way. Meghasur tells him to call out to anyone he wishes but no one can stop me now. Garud Maharaj appears there. Jatayu is the only one who is able to see him. They exchange pleasantries. Garud Maharaj says I, your father Arun, Sheshnaag and Vasuki are helpless because of the vow that we cannot take part in any battle between Naag’s and Garud’s. Jatayu asks him to suggest some way out to save their eggs from Meghasur. Garud Maharaj gives him the power to fly once to save his eggs. He disappears. Everyone looks around in confusion. Jatayu challenges Meghasur. He flies in the air which makes everyone happy except Meghasur. Hanuman too comes there. Meghasur is irked. This vanar kid is here again! Hanuman notices Jatayu flying. He can fly again? I am sure he was blessed with a boon. Meghasur says seems like you both don’t love your life. You want to be free from it but I am eager to make these eggs my food first. Hanuman thinks to do something fast before Meghasur eats the eggs.

Jatayu tries his best to divert Meghasur’s attention. He gets hurt by the fire that Meghasur emits. Hanuman thinks Meghasur got the power stealthily. He does not know how to use it fully. You will be defeated by us now. Jatayu circles around Meghasur which confuses and tires him. Hanuman joins Jatayu. Meghasur gets angry. He hits Hanuman with his tail as he drained his energy. Hanuman falls over a mountain. Meghasur laughs. Hanuman can rest there now while I will eat these eggs. Chitraketu is tensed too as his eggs are also there. Meghasur advances towards the eggs when Jatayu comes in between. His wings are on fire. It worries other Garud’s. Maharaj must be badly hurt. He wont be able to fly now. Chitraketu’s wife rebukes him for his misdeeds. I am ashamed to call myself your wife. Why did you do this? Why did a brave soldier become a traitor today? Our eggs are in this lot too. You have sinned. Chitraketu admits getting greedy and doing this all. I am your culprit. I have the responsibility to save the kids while I can only look on helplessly today but do nothing. I am sorry. I have to rectify my mistakes. I will fight Meghasur using all the strength that I have. He calls out for Meghasur. Leave Maharaj. I am coming to fight with you!

Meghasur hits Chitraketu with his tail. He flies up in air.

Precap: Hanuman fights with Meghasur.

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