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Sankat Mochan Mahabali Hanumaan 2nd April 2016 Written Episode Update

Kaal Dev tells Hanuman he wont be able to come back from Preta Loka if he goes there once. He has been sent there on my orders. Hanuman stays put. I will bring him back from there. Kaal Dev reasons no one can go there without dying. Soul is taken there after death on my orders only. Hanuman wants to do anything to get his father back. He leaves. Kaal Dev shouts after him. Stop or you will again make a childhish mistake. Hanuman flies away. Kaal Dev thinks Hanuman is making a big mistake by doing this. Your life can also lessen if you go there. You too can have an untimely death.

The guy shows Kesari’s dead body and his acquaintances to two Asuras. Do as I have explained you. If they get any doubt then Kaka Vashkali wont spare you. They promise him.

Hanuman comes to Preta Loka. Preta Raj and everyone feel the earth shaking. They wonder what happened. Hanuman tries to enter inside Preta Loka but it is shielded by some energies. Nothing can stop me from meeting father. The guards appear there. No living being can enter inside. Hanuman shares that his father has been brought here wrongly. I have come to take him with me. They say Preta Loka is beyond justice or injustice. It will be good if you go back right away or there will be dire consequences of your act. Your life can lessen and you can die anytime. Hanuman does not

Kesari looks down at his family members. Anjana thinks she cannot see him this way. God should take me away instead. Kesari too looks sadly at her. I am feeling the same way. Kesari notices the Asuras coming there. They wont be able to do anything to anyone till I am here. The Asuras change their avatar into Sugriv, his father and Anjana’s father. Kesari realises they are up to something. I wont let them do anything wrong. He challenges them.

Preta’s ask Hanuman whose son he is. Hanuman tells them that he is Kesari’s son Hanuman. They say it is against our orders. You cannot meet him. We follow rules strictly. Hanuman too does the same but is bound by the promise he has made to his mother. I will have to meet father. They warn him of the energies surrounding the gate. They will throw you such that you will land at earth only. Hanuman turns and begins walking. Preta’s say it is good he dint act childish and left. Hanuman stops and turns. He runs towards the door but falls back. It creates a disturbance in the galaxy. Even Kaal Loka is shaken up for a second.

The Asuras walk past Kesari’s soul. Anjana hugs her father. Kesari shouts that these people are actually their enemies. What’s this Lord? They are a danger to my family and I cannot do anything!

Hanuman requests the Preta’s not to try and stop him. I haven’t come here to fight. I will leave quietly after freeing my father. One Preta says now you also wont be able to leave from here. They attack him. Hanuman stays put.

The Asuras continue to act. They ask Anjana what happened. Anjana’s fake father asks them not to do this to Kesari’s body. Why wasn’t his last rites done by now? Where is Hanuman? Marjarika shares that Hanuman has gone to bring Kesari back. Asura reasons that no one can live after death. The soul will be in pain till the last rites are done. Kesari feels helpless. These Mayavi Asuras are only fooling my family members. I am only looking at them. Asuras tell them not to act foolish. It is against the rules of life. It wont happen till I am alive. Anjana tries to say something but her fake father keeps telling them to free Kesari’s soul.

Hanuman says it will be a misfortune if he does not take his father with him. Don’t try to stop me. They don’t back down. Hanuman refuses to take it anymore. He shouts father. Kesari hears his voice. Hanuman flies up in air.

Kesari comes to Preta Loka. Is Hanuman here? His face turns hopeful. Hanuman is here!

The Asuras tell each other to make preps for the last rites of Kesari. Anjana asks them to wait for Hanuman. How will it happen without him? Her fake father again talks of giving pain to Kesari’s body. Last rites happen to those also who are childless. Anjana kneels down before him as his words hurt her deeply. Please don’t say so. We have a child. Her fake father says I am your father. kesari is a son to me. Think how painful it is for a father to see his son’s death. I am doing it for everyone’s good. Other Asura seconds him. You sent Hanuman to look for Kesari by getting emotional. Both Hanuman and Kesari will be in problem there. Anjana’s fake father questions Nani. You were with ANjana. Why dint you stop her or Hanuman?

Preta’s chase Hanuman. Stop kid, you cannot go there. Kesari keeps looking around for Hanuman. Hanuman feels sad. Father was forced to stay at such a place because of me. Kesari is sure Hanuman is around only. He begins to take Hanuman’s name as he looks around. Hanuman too says father.

Hanuman comes down in Preta Loka. Kesari keeps walking around looking for Hanuman. Hanuman wonders where his father will be. He notices the Preta’s before him. I have no enmity with you. Accept my request. Let me meet father once. I did not come here to fight with anyone. they say he has broken the rules of Preta Loka, you broke the door and now you are scared of fighting us? Hanuman gets ready to fight seeing no alternative.

Precap: Asuras decide to get Kesari’s dead body out of the bowl. Preta’s fight with Hanuman. Preta Raj has bound Kesari in his powers. Your son entered here and broke our rules. He has no idea that any living being who comes here can die anytime.

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