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Sadda Haq 9th December 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
Agarwal says to parth you should do you arthi. Your parents have taught it. Agarwal leaves. Yoyo says your dad would have killed me. Parth says you are married now. Congratulations. They make each other wear garland. Parth hugs both of them. They take a selfie. Sanyu says lets go the engagement must be starting.

Ankit makes vid wear the ring. sanyu says where is my comission? Parth and yoyo announce. Yoyo says this is all because of uncle. Parth says we are so grateful that he gave us so much love. When I saw I found my dad in him. He is like every dad should be. We want to take your blessings. Yoyo says yes. You have to. Ankit says i will take it first because he is my dad. They all take his blessing. sanyu and randhir do as well.

Vid gives Agarwal tea. she says I wanna go to college. I am doing this for sanyu. I want to convince her to leave all this. I know you and ankit have tried to stop her. I wanna try this one time. She should think about you once. I know sanyu is stubborn but let me try this once. Agarwal says okay you can do whatever you think is right. Vid says thanks you are the best.

At night, The boys are sitting in college. Vid says I can understand every wedding can’t be grand like mine. My wedding gown is so nice. Ankit wants to make sure i look good.
Sanyu and randhir are on call. rnadhir says our marriage wont be secret anymore. I will make sure. He says only I have the right to fight you. sanyu says no one else can have this.
Ranawat calls the team in. He has a car. He says dream team organization have given specifications. We made a car and it died, courtesy your captain. Parth says i dont think sanyu did this. Ranawat says correct. it was fuel’s mistake. Anyway. We don’t have time and funds. Without wasting time.. He reveals the car. Its the same burnt car. Yoyo says are you joking sir? Ranawat says you will have to make car from this. If you are scared then back out. Devise a plan and i want the report by tomorrow morning. randhir says we can’t modify this. Ranawt says if you have problem talk to your captain. He leaves.

randhir says lets inspect the engine then we would decide.
I will work on engine. I dont want my bride to work on hardcore. Parth works on thesis. sanyu says i feel very guilty. I shouldn’t have continued that fuel project. Parth says it was an accident. the team needs you. You are the bonding part; Focus and take charge. sanyu says thank you. He says now watch this list. Randhir comes and says what car is this? valves are missing and everything is burnt. Parth says i know but what can we do. randhir says this engine wont work. Go tell ranawat. We deserve better than this. Sanyu goes out. Parth says relax we will work out. Parth says we have to try. Randhir says we cant say yes to everything ranawat. Parth says this is not sanyu’s fault. Randhir says yes she doesn’t know what car should be.

Precap-Randhir says i wanna meet you. He plans a date for them. sanyu says your wife is your captain. Do you have any problem with that?

Written Update By Atiba


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