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Sadda Haq 8th October 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
Sanyu comes to lab its all decorated. There are sanyu and randhir’s photos on a wall. and I love you sanyu hanging. Sanyu sees so many cards. She says where are you randhir. He calls, sanyu says i will hit you. He says i did so much still you will beat me. Didn’t you like it? Sanyu says i loved it thank you so much. Now come here. He hangs up. Ranawat texts sanyu come to my cabin. Sanyu runs there.

Ranawat says this place is called college. We come here for something and where we work is called lab. Some people do pray here. This place is still sacred. Sanyu says i am sorry about the lab, i dont want to disrespect it. this wont happen again. He says anyway, you have to make a decision. You have to choose a team member who will represent us and make a report. He will inspect on sight. Keep your emotions aside while choosing. Sanyu says randhir, he says are you sure. Sanyu says yes. And I am really sorry about the lab.

Vid comes to college. She sees parth working in the lab she tries to talk. Parth says i wont pardon you, dont waste time. Vid says i am sorry. He says i even hate your face. Vid says i will leave will never show you my face. Please listen to me once. He says i don’t believe you still have a justification. How could you be so selfish and cheap. you have earned so much by selling me. Vid says she was blackmailing me. Parth says all lies. Just get out of my life. He shoves her. Vid says please listen to me. Parth says everyone warned me about you but i told them you have a good heart. But you are equally cheap inside and out. parth leaves vid sits there in tears.

Some news channel calls ankit, she says i wanted to talk about your company’s new idea. We need your interview. Your idea is creating waves in industry. Ankit says you can take the interview. She says okay i will call to set a meeting. Agarwal asks ankit what were you doing? Ankit says i was checking documents. Agarwal says you better do your work. Ankit says i have been in this company for 9 years. Agarwal says akash will lead this initiative. Akash says no ankit should lead it. He is the successor in the future. He has to learn. Agarwal says are you sure? Akash says yes.

Sanyu comes to lab, randhir says good morning. Randhir says another company has started initiative about helping poor people. They make people fool. Sanyu says maybe they really want to help. Randhir says you people help these fake schemes. Sanyu says you think i am a fool? Randhir says you are a girl. Men play scams and women give them money. Sanyu says i am mad that i talk to you. I wont until you say sorry. Randhir says why should i? Rishab says why you talk so much randhir. She wanted to tell you something. There has to be a representative from our team. She has chosen you for it. Randhir says i wont go anywhere. Rishab says she is the captain, you will have to go.

Sanyu reads in paper with regards to the social initiative. She phone calls ankit, she claims whose notion was it? He states it absolutely was mine. Sanyu claims it is superb. Sanyu claims i am so pleased just be Safe and sound from akash. Ankit states I’ll manage him. I used to be wishing this idea to be accepted. this will likely be a large success. I am handling this undertaking on your own. Sanyu suggests I’m so joyful to suit your needs.
Sanyu comes to lab. Randhir states I’m sorry to the argument. I don’t prefer to struggle with you. Cant tell you how much i overlook you. He arrives near. randhir states i am restless without having you. Sanyu suggests i need to inform you some thing. He says we have been near isn’t that terrific.

Precap-Sanyu encourages the initiative of corporation and asks persons to donate. Sanyu reads the report and asks ankit it was akash’s notion? Sanyu claims to agarwal this can be a fraud, Those people NGOs are faux. Agarwal says now you may instruct me. He slaps her.

Written Update By Sahir


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