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Sadda Haq 8th April 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Everyone is working. Randhir sees aryan and says he is supporting her in alternate plan? I will find it out.
Sanyu says the body is yet to be ready and warhead. Stronger than Nirman’s. We want to destroy it.Sumit says where will we get it from? Sanyu says we need to figure a way out.
Aryan says in heart spying wont help you randhir. I will tell you how mind games are played.
Kritika says randhir come here. Please see what is wrong with system.
Aryan says in heart you are under control of situation and I lead it.

Aryan comes to sanyu and says we don’t have an option. Sumit says what will we do now? Aryan says it is high security zone. Sanyu says I already thought about it. sumit says we will steal from there? Sanyu says yes. He says this is a suicide mission. Aryan explains entire plan to both. Officer comes in and points gun at them. He says freeze. Aryan hides sanyu. He says on your knees now. someone hit his head,its sumit. Officer falls down.

randhir asks madam is there a backup missile in ISRC? She says why?He says for a backup plan. She says tell me what are flaws in yours. Randhir says no no thanks. He says in heart if there is no other missile why was sanyu solving equation.
Sanyu says to officer we didn’t wanna kill you. Sumit says sorry sir. ISRC is creating problems for those villagers. We wanna help them because their lives are at stake. They are humans like us and we wanna help them for that we would need your help. Aryan returns him his gun. He stands up and points at them again. He says enough.This is nuclear weapon you can’t steal it. I can only tell you that thought of breaching national security is stupid. You will get shot there. If I see you I will shoot you there as well.

randhir comes and checks his laptop. He says what is she upto if there is no other missile.
Sanyu says we can’t launch missile without warhead.
Sarpanj calls from agarwal’s phone. He says will you help us? Everything will be destroyed? Sanyu says we are trying. Agarwal says I told her you are working on it. Do your best.
SAnyu says papa trusts me and thinks I will do something. Aryan says he is right. Sanyu says our missile is not even ready. Nirman will launch his mock missile soon. He will destroy lives. And no one wants to stop him. Everyone trusts nirman. He thinks he is the best. They will start doubting him if there are flaws in his mock. Then we will provide him with our plan which will sever as a backup. Sumit says I knew you are a genius.

Randhir is working. He check’s aryan’s software. He says aryan was doing all this on dummy and fooling me. I knew it.
Aryan says you have checked it randhir? Your over confidence is your weakness and my strength.
Randhir tests software and says it is working what are they doing then?

Nirman launches his mock. He tests all teams and they say okay.. Nirman starts count down. Randhir says just a second sir. Aryan says in heart has he detected virus? he texts sanyu.
sanyu and sumit do something in super computer.
Nirman counts 4..3..2.. There is a sound in system, everyone gets distracted. Nirman and randhir check computers.

Precap-Randhir comes to everyone and says I thought a lot and eventually decided I will be with you guys. Everyone says thank bro.Sanyu extends hand and says thanks.He shakes her hand.

Written Update by Atiba

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