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Sadda Haq 8th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq watch online

Sanyu says there is way you can charge your phone without a charger. Wrap your phone battery in an aluminium foil. and then place it back in your phone. It will have enough charge to make at least a call.

PKC comes to studio and eat a cake. He coughs. He says why is it so spicy. Randhir and rest of the team comes and say because it has spices. Randhir says we annoy them but he really loves us.
Kunwar welcomes everyone. He says we Neeraj as PKC here. I wanna say something. If I had a teacher like you i would have been spoiled. How was your journey in this field? Parth says did you have enough fun? PKC says it was memorable. Kunwar says these people use to tease you everything. PKC says I knew everything. Kunwar says your fun reminds you of my college days.

Kunwar says lets see some gang scenes with PKC sir.
Scene: Yoyo says to his friends i used to roam around in my fields. Get a fake intenship letter and give it to pkc. He can’t even see. PKC comes and says i was telling how good you are.
Another scene: Yoyo shows PKC is an owl written on jiggy’s hands to jiggy. Jiggy says i didn’t do it. PKC says you are banned for my 5 classes jiggy.
Another scene: The team asks PKC who our mentor is? PKC says look there and runs. Sanyu says please tell us who that is? PKC says abhay ranawat.
Another scene: Sanyu and randhir throw water on each other’s papers in PKC’s paper. Randhir eats her paper. PKC says what is happening? sanyu says he ate my paper. PKC says is this a kindergarten?
Another scene: PKC is asleep in the class. Parth says are you okay? PKC says yeah yeah i am fine. PKC says enough is enough. Why do you bunk lectures. Where are the students. Yoyo says we are here. PKC says I will complain everyone now.
Another scene: PKC says what is happening? Yoyo says dream team’s secret.I can’t tell you. PKC says tell me. Yoyo says our car’s name is PKC.
Another scene: Sanyu and randhir come to engine and says we love pkc engine but we have to go. PKC gets emotional.
Another scene: Yoyo asks pkc for water. PKC says you should take care of your health. Vid spills water on his phone.
Another scene: PKC comes to party and says stop all this. PKC says what is this. The team says this party is for you sir. Come eat samosay.

Param says how to forgot that joke. No one will eat anyone’s paper. Harshita says we fooled his as well. We were up and came after a date. PKC sees us and we said that we were studying. Parth says he has a fast and we forced him to eat. Vid says when in exam I spill water on his phone. Parth says his pet dialogue is I am fit and It do swiming and do TT. Yoyo says he taught me TT. Vid says when I played with him he used to sit and I would do the TT.

Kunwar welcomes the guests. He says do you prank your teachers as well? He says we love doing pranks. Harshita says ever got caught? He says yes so many times. Kunwar says out stars will give you a challenge.
Parth says you have prank your teachers. Its time to say sorry. Parth says I am really sorry all my teachers. They all stands up and take a selfie.

Sanyu says of your phone is dropped in water, keep your phone in a bag of rice and keep it in for 24 hours. Make sure your phone is covered with rice. Rice will absorb all the moisture.
Kunwar says today i will call and apologize my professor. Till then bye bye.

Precap-Sanyu and Parth are talking. Randhir says I am leaving you better talk. Kunwar says where are you going? randhir says keep them talking, they are too good in gossip.

Written Update By Atiba


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