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Sadda Haq 7th October 2015 Written Update

Sadda Haq watch online

Scene 1
Parth says rishab is full of immaturity. sanyu says take these photos off. Parth says everyone has seen them. You should have listened at least. They take the photos off.
Sanyu says I miss him. She goes to Randhir’s room and hugs him from back. He shoves her and says captain what if warden sees you. She says i am your gf not captain here. She comes close and says i will see how you ignore me. Randhir says go from here. sanyu takes off his shirt and says go from here. Randhir is about to kiss her.

Scene 2
sanyu comes in and says you are smiling. Whom were you with? sanyu says i waas with randhir. Tania says i dont think you have such feelings too. Sanyu says i am his gf too. Tania says you dont have to be harsh while being professional. Sanyu says he wasn’t happy about me. He doesn’t appreciate me. Tania says he does. Sanyu says he said to parth that why he lost. So I did this. Tania say so you are seeking revenge? Sanyu says no i want him to respect me as a captain. Randhir overhears all of this.

Randhir comes in his room. Parth says what are you looking for? Randhir says where is my pink shirt? Parth says why? Randhir says i wanna wear it. i wanna surprise her. she heard us talking about her. Parth says don’t be stupid. Randhir wears his pink shirt. He says now i will play a mind game too.
Ranawat asks sanyu where is rest of the team. sanyu calls but they dont pick up. Ranwat says they dont even pick your call. sanyu says why are you late. Randhir says it took time to find this shirt. Sanyu wont let me work if i didn’t wear it. Ranawat says what you mean? Randhir says she likes me in this. I will do as the captain asks.
Ranawat says lets starts working if your nonsense is over. Sanyu says to randhir change after it. Randhir says i am sorry for behaving rude. Sanyu says I am sorry. Sanyu says go change i know you don’t like it.

Rishab sees his stuff out of room. Randhir comes whistling there. Radhir says this is your phone in my hand. Rishab tries to take it. Randhir breaks it. They starts fighting.

Scene 2

Akash shows some reviews to agarwal. He suggests i have considered a thing that can bring us purchaser satisfaction. These companies have succeed with CSR. Now we have adjust graphic of our organization. We’re going to do donations. We now have to keep consumers content. Agarwal suggests This really is such a good idea. Akash says i would like to title it just after anju. I wish to do a little something in your case people today. Agarwal claims you are able to do what you would like. Ankit states but we must always go through experiences very first. Ankit suggests how will donations channelize? Aksh says We’ll present scholarships. This plan is going to be less than you. Agarwal claims begins getting ready for it.

Randhir comes in with flowers and sweets. He offers it to sanyu. Randhir claims you asked me to submit reviews but I had been doing another thing. we must rejoice your triumph. sanyu states its alright make report initially. Randhir suggests no we will celebrate first. Librarian says Exactly what are you two performing? Randhir suggests Lower the cake sanyu. SAnyu says make the studies. sanyu suggests in heart whats Erroneous with me i normally preferred him to do this.

Scene three
Sanyu wakes up and finds bouquets pattens on her flooring. She starts off strolling and phone calls randhir. Sanyu states occur in front of me. I do know you happen to be concealed someplace right here. The corridor is stuffed with balloons. Full lab is decorated also.

Precap-Ranawat states pick a group member who will go as our representative. Sanyu claims randhir will handle every little thing. Sanyu tells randhir you’ll go as consultant from our side. randhir claims how will i Stay with no you for 3 days.

Written Update By Sahir


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