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Sadda Haq 7th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq Season 2

Scene 1
Aryan is in canteen. He sees randhir eating. Aryan recalls nirman insulting sanyu.
He says in heart I wont bear if someone interferes in her life. Aryan says to randhir when i got to know you are sanyu’s ex I felt weird. I have nothing to do with you. First I thought you do what is right to you. But even Nirman manipulated you. Randhir says you are manipulated sanyu’s over ambitious nature. The woman you are so frustrated for, I doubt she even cares. and I did on my own. Now excuse me, I have a job to finish. Aryan says does it hurt you to see that you ex is doing so good in life or that it affects your new gf? I don’t know why are you doing this. Randhir says you are messing with wrong guy. Aryan says hit me, what else you can do. You can’t see others happy in their lives. This is all I expect from you. Aryan leaves. he says in heart you were never deserving for her. Randhir says i have nothing to do with you both, and stay away from me.

Sanyu packs hers stuff. She gets a call from Agarwal. He asks is everything okay? Sanyu says yes. She asks how are you? He says good. We cleaned your room and found paper cuttings of FITE from your room. We are planning a folder so you can keep them all together. I think you must be busy, take care. Sanyu hangs up. She recalls agarwal seeing her off. sanyu says papa saw this dream with me. I can’t go back.

Sanyu is sitting in lobby. sanaya comes. She says he found this so easily. Sanaya sits next to her and says what nirman thinks of himself. he can do whatever he want. Who he likes will be in team. Its not personal property. Sanyu says you are right. Nirman is obsessed. He takes thinks personally. Sanaya says he has OCD and he is control freak. Sanyu says if I.. she says in heart I have my solution. SAnaya says do you have a plan? Is there any way I can help you? sanyu says thanks. I appreciate your support but I will do this own my own.
Aryan says I wont let you win this easily Nirman. Sanyu cant leave like this.

sanyu says to anju’s photo you remind me that I cant give up. I really need you. what I did was wrong but my intention wasn’t wrong. I will prove myself once and for all. i want to live my dream for you and papa. Just be with me.
Aryan calls her. she says I will do it alone. he says can I do something for you? She says yes just trust me.

Becky comes to nirman’s office. she spills something. she says I am sorry. He smiles. she says sir you are smiling? Are you happy? He says yes I gotta win again and this is usual. Sanyu comes in. Nirman says no need to say sorry. I knew this place is not for you. Do you wanna create a last drama? Just leave, I wont tell anyone. sanyu says thank you sir. I have really bothered you. I am sorry for all that. I realize you were right and I was wrong. Anyway thank you so much. Nirman drinks his coffee. sanyu says excuse me sir.. I wanted to say something. We will never meet again. Nirman says go ahead. I am in a good mood. she says I always knew that you want me out but I didn’t know you will find such easy way. If I say someone I have quit ISRC that wont prove that I am not capable. People will think I manipulated you all with a fake degree. I just said it because it doesn’t matter. If you hated me you would have proved me incapable. But its okay, i think we are all weak somewhere or other. he says you are way too incapable. You came here with a fake degree and challenged me. You want to stay here? I will make sure you stay here unless your arrogance and over confidence is over. Good luck.

Becky comes in and says I a sorry but she has done so much why are you allowing her to stay here? You shouldn’t give her a chance. He says I know that she doesn’t deserve. To be honest this will be fun.
Sanyu comes out smiling. Sanyu hugs aryan and they both fall.

Joy says to sanaya what are you doing? She says I am opening the door to surpise shiekho. He opens the door. Sanaya says thank you. Sanaya goes in.
Randhir is asleep. She says in heart I am sorry but I have to do this. When you get to know you will be mad. I am really sorry for that.

Precap-Radnhir says to make you feel secure and happy I did all this. I am not a puppet. I am done with you. sanyu says randhir it was not your fault. You mailed me. I was a nice gesture. randhir says i never mailed you. I have no regrets. sanyu says you can never change.

Written Update By Atiba


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