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Sadda Haq 7th June 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Sanyu says I can’t trust you. I am not a human I am not a game. I have feelings too. I can never trust you. Randhir says I understand I don’t deserve it. But just once look into my eyes. If you see a bit of love you will know I am not lying this time. Sanyu says I only see lies in these eyes. i can’t help it. She leaves.

Sanyu is working in lab. She is worried. Randhir sees her. he comes in and says let me help you. I will trace him through GPS. Sanyu says I don’t need your help. Rnadhir says you won’t find him this way. Randhir says I am just here to help you. Sanyu says you don’t exist for me. I don’t care about you. Randhir says I care about your sad eyes. Sanyu shoves him and says please go from here. Randhir hugs her. Randhir says Aryan’s location is this red dot.I think he knows we are trying to trace him. Lets try again. He tries again. Randhir says i have just got the codes. We need to wait sometime. Sanyu has fallen asleep on the chair. Randhir takes her to her room and lays her on bed. He caresses her face. He holds her hand and says I promised you that I will always be with you. I will never leave you. I love you a lot.

Joy says proofs are strong against him. I knew he had some problem. Arjun says that is why you were running like a dog behind him. Joy says shut up. Arjaun says you look like angry bird. SAnaya says we have important problems. Sumit says what will happen to our future. Kritika says this is not a normal job. There will be a replacement. Sanyu says this is not a job, this is our responsibility towards ourselves and our nation. We dont have time to waste. Arjun says what can we without a head? sanyu says don’t you know your responsibilities?

Becky is packing her stuff. Arjun says why are you leaving?She says my work is done here. My employer was Nirman. He says another head will be announced. She says I have offers. Arjun says you dont have recommendation. Arjun says I will accept the offers. He throws her luggage away. She says what is your problem? Arjun says why should I say? Becky says why are you stopping me? you don’t have an answer. You don’t want me to go because I am your easiest source of action. Arjun says becky please you cant go. Becky says give me one good reason and I will stay you have two days. If I leave you will never me again. He says I like you but this relationship and all. Don’t blackmail me. Becky says I am not. I was leaving you came here to stop me. You have two days.
Randhir is in his room. Sanaya comes in. sanaya says what happened now? He says why is it so difficult. She doesn’t even listen to me? Why are you girls so weird? She says because we have heart when you guys break it. You break us. Heart is broken its not a bat. You can’t fix it. Randhir says are you my friend or hers? Sanaya says I am seeing it from a girls point of view. You are a stupid idiot dog. He says what. Sanaya says just kidding. Lets stary counting problems.. You wanted to kick her out of FITE, Dream team and ISRC. You held her responsible for accident. You misbehaved with her dad.He best friend left because of you. Its more of your mistake.
Randhir says I apologized. sanaya says you have to do more. Rnadhir says should I say sorry 10 times? Is it some exam? Sanaya says how did she date you? What did she see in you. SHe should have dated a mannequin. Randhir says you girls do the drama all the time. Sanaya says you guys are so stupid and irritating. You create drama not us. She leaves.

Precap-Sanaya says to harsh you are the only family left to him. He says you are family to him too. Sanyu comes to randhir and tells him about harsh. She says he doesn’t have much time. Randhir comes to harsh and says I behaved so wrong with you. I am sorry. Please don’t leave me.

Written Update by Atiba

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