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Sadda Haq 5th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq Season 2

Scene 1
Becky says to Nirman why did you select randhir? He didn’t answer questions. Nirman says he didn’t answer because questions were wrong. Becky says you did the same once. Randhir is like you. Nirman says there is no one like me.
Sanyana says you intruded here? What if they had called police? You corrected Niman’s questions. Do you know what Nirman can do? Randhir says no he can’t. She says have you blackmailed him? He says I don’t need to. We face situations that make us strong. Experience you know. She says thank you for your lecture. should I touch your feet? I don’t know whether to thank you or kill you.

Aryan gives tea to sanyu. He says what happened? Sanyu says I was really worried. I saw news that dark shadow has been encountered. He says you thought its true? Aryan holds her hand and says what if it was true? Sanyu gets a call. Its agarwal he says where are you? sanyu says I am coming back. He says okay. Ayrna says dad? Sanyu says yes. He says did you talk to her? She says yes. I wanna go back to ISRC. I have to find a way. He says don’t worry everything will be all right.

Aryan comes to sanyu’s place. He says I wanted to meet sanyu. Ankit says is this time to meet someone? Aryan says I am sorry but its important. Ankit says come tomorrow. Agarwal comes. He says why so late? ankit says yes that is what I said. Aryan says its urgent. It its about ISRC. Agarwal says come in. Ankit stare him in anger.
Aryan sits with sanyu. They see CCTV. Nirman says I dont go under minister. They want to rule me or what? Sanyu says what we do with this video? Mail it to news channels? Aryan says sanyu dont think so much. Its really simple. Sanyu says social media. Sanyu sends it.

Sanaya is eating in canteen. She says how is burger? He says you don’t eat anything healthy. Why have you ordered this for me? She says so you gain weight and become my dream boy. Lets go from here I will make you healthy food. Arjun comes and says randhir you think you are so smart? Randhir ignores him. He says Sanaya dad must be happy about you being here. Arjun says I am talking to you. Watchman comes and says i will complain about you. Arjun says haven’t you mom taught you manners? Randhir throttles him and says you don’t respect your mom? How dare you say that. people who disrespect mom are not supposed to live. Look at me. Becky comes and says shame on you guys. This is disgusting. Nirman wants to see you right now randhir.

Sanyu checks her social media. She texts aryan. He says congratulations. Did you see the views. Aryan says yes the response is so strong. thanks aryan. He says no need to thank me. She says I hope this affects nirman.

Randhir comes in Nirman’s cabin. He says you called? Nirman says I called a scientist but i have a street fighter in front of me. Randhir says arjun started it but I regret it, I should have started it. Nirman says everyone is wrong here excpet me. This is my mission. randhir says Arjun is a loser. Nirman says I have not decided if you deserve to be here or not. Randhir says I am not sure either if I will accept you as my mentor. How would I feel to see that my mentor’s shuttle engine is not of reliable weight. Nirman is dazed. Randhir says you have kick this engine out with Randhir? Arjun says use your attitude rightly. Randhir says I am strong not weak like arjun. Arjun says you wont have lost control when Arjun talked about mom. Randhir says sir.. and leave in anger.
Randhir collides with becky. She says do you know what it was.
Nirman says on call I am not going to change my team. I am on mars mission. You want me to change my mission on this stupidity. He sees the video online. He says tell him that public is supporting him then ask public to send him to mars. The man says it is upto ministry. you will have to answer there.

Becky says this sirnge is dose of steroids for nirman. He can’t do without it. This is to handle stress. Randhir says this is ISRC’s director. Does he know this is harmful. She says you can’t imagine his stress. Doctor asked him to give up on mars mission. He fired that doctor. He can’t compromise of this dream. Randhir says in heart if you are this dedicated. I am grateful to have you as my mentor.

The news says the public is supporting the girl who posted the video. It has 15 lac views. Agarwal says of you want sanyu I can get is more circulated. Sanyu says I think this would do. Randhir sees the news as well. Joy says let me show you randhir. He shows her him the video.

Precap-Sanyu says on call I will be there. She says Nirman wants to meet me.
Sanaya is with randhir. she says wish something. He says I hope you stop all this. Randhir wishes. He sees sanyu in front of her. Both of them are shocked.

Written Update By Atiba


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