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Sadda Haq 5th January 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Kunwar welcomes everyone.
Kunwar says are your ready for the excitement. Param says what happened to your hand? He says I was with a friend and she was driving. She crushed the car. Param says this is why girls should never drive. Harshita says you can’t say that just because of an accident. Girls can drive. Lets see sanyu’s journey.

Scene: Vardhan says its time to make dream team. You all must be thinking what it is? Look at this board with superb cars. Few of you will have chance to make cars like these. Every year we make dream team and fight with other teams. My best students will compete with CIT students and the ones who win will be my team. vid says what we have to do? He says think if you deserve to part of it or not. Vardhan says so the people participating will be randhir, jignesh, kaustuki, vidushi.Sanyu comes in and says sit Sanyukta agarwal. Vardhan says are you sure you wanna be part of it? sanyu says I am used to of competing and winning. I am ready.
Another scene: Sanyu walks on the coals, while the CIT guy couldn’t.
another scene: sanyu stands on the bridge they made and falls on the trampoline. Everyone claps for her.

Harshita says see. Param says I was holding the trampoline. Kunwar says lets see more.
Another scene: sanyu drives the car, the is on fire.
Another scene: sanyu runs against other teams in hurdle race. Sanyu falls down from net. She says I have to use a method. Everyone cheers for her.

Kunwar says on a serious note tell me when you hear people say girls can’t do this. Harshita says they sound insecure. They can’t do it themselves. They are not up to date with what’s happening in the world. Param says girls are better than us. My mom is a driver so bad. They laugh.
Kunwar says you did a racing sequence, how you prepared for it? Harshita says we prepared for it for four years. Param says we both know how to drive. I was a drag race, we took precautions.
Another scene: The final race starts. Parth asks sanyyu all set? she nods. she starts the car. The commentator praises sanyu.

Kunwar welcomes fans. They say we prefer bikes over cars. Kunwar says tell me most interesting thing about sadda haq. A guy says thril. Kunwar says what will you exchange in real life? A guy says female biker like sanyu, she is too good. A guys asks randhir did you learn riding on set? Param says i dont know how to ride a bike, it just seems on tv. I can’t even change the gear. Harshita says he was so scared. Harshita says its just camera. Kunwar says this is secret. Harshita says I dont know bike riding i just know car.
Kunwar says drive on track people. Don’t drink and drive. Follow traffic rule. Param says and don’t horn please. Kunwar says yes please. They take selfie with fans.

Sanyu says today I will tell you how to repair your lamp. Take the bulb out and then lamp sheet. Open the socket shell. Take out the old cord and use a new one. She glues lamp sheet back in and places the bulb in holder.

Precap-Kunwar says why is there no artist here? Everyone from sadda haq cast comes and picks him. Sanyu says we will relive our old memories. Randhir says and with our gang.. Parth says we will move towards season 2.

Written Update By Atiba


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