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Sadda Haq 4th November 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
sanyu comes in and syas why did you say no? Your mom was asking you to come for dinner. He says I want to spend time with you. Sanyu hugs him and says they are important too. Randhir says I feel like they are pretending. I never get good vibes with them. Sanyu says you should be happy about them, don’t talk negative. I feel like I have no family left. I think you should go. Randhir says some other time. Sanyu says please. He says okay.

Harsh says to Renuka whats the plan? Renuka says he is my son. Harsh says I know your mind. Harsh says I am bit nervous. Randhir wants to find out who did it. Renuka says just relax. He says yes I need a drink.
Randhir gets ready. Parth says where are you going? Date? Randhir says no family dinner. Parth says oh good.
Randhir meets sanyu, Sanyu says you look cute. He says don’t call me cute. Sanyu gives him wine for his dad and flowers for his mom. She says go have a good time. Randhir kisses her cheek and leaves.

Renuka says you do this all the time, whenever I plan something you drink. What if randhir sees you this way. Harsh says he wont come because of you. The drama you are doing, he knows you are a fake. Renuka says don’t talk to me like that. Harsh says you ruined our lives that is why your son hates you. renuka says what you did? You got sanyu kidnapped, you wanted to kill her. Harsh says I wasn’t alone. You were with me. Renuka says it failed because of you. Harsh says enough of this bullshit, I cant fake it anymore. Randhir drops the flowers and wine. He is dazed. Harsh says my son its not like that. It was all her plan. Renuka says what? no. It wasn’t my plan. It was his plan. Randhir is in tears. Harsh says she knew everything. Renuka says you know I can’t do this. Harsh says she has always been lying. She didn’t want sanyu in your life. Renuka says it was you. Renuka says we made a mistake, we did it for you. Harsh says that girl is not for you. Randhir says enough, you wanted to kill sanyu. You call yourselves my parents. Don’t ever dare to meet or call me. Or come near sanyu, I will forget that I can’t hit elders. He leaves.

Randhir is wandering on roads in tears. He recalls harsh and renuka’s conversation. A little boy sits with him and says are you lost? Oh, you are so old still lost. I am just 6 i know all the ways. Don’t you have any house? No mom dad? Randhir says no. He says I don’t have any parents either. I have friends. We all sleep here. And cheeni, she is my bestfriend. She earns more than me, she is girl. People love girls. She loves me. She fights with me but loves me as well. Why are you not speaking? Randhir recalls his moments with sanyu. Randhir says I have someone too. I will spend my whole life with her. I will marry her and she will live with me forever. I will propose her. Will you come to my wedding? He says yes. Randhir says okay come with your cheeni.

Randhir comes to hostel. warden stops him. He states please ma’am allow me to go. This is admittedly important. I’ll return in a while. She suggests go out. Randhir leaves. Randhir relates to his space and falls on his mattress. Parth states you are still up? Randhir suggests I really like sanyu parth. I love her.

Subsequent early morning, Randhir wakes up.
Tania is crying in her room. she states I’m sure he enjoys me. He explained that He’ll hurt himself if i marry somebody else. Sanyu suggests daily life has to maneuver on. Tania claims i wish to be with him but thats not possible. We’re so shut to each other. Sanyu states just about every strategy doesn’t exercise session our way.Sanyu says don’t Feel destructive. The man your moms and dads have selected might be fantastic also. It’s important to shift. Tania suggests will you marry randhir? Did he propose you nevertheless? Sanyu states
He’ll do it his way. She tells her when randhir proposed her for marriage. she claims he will do what he hopes to. Tania says are you presently alright with that? Tania suggests I hardly ever be expecting any issue Particular. Tania says thats not done. Sanyuu suggests gets All set. Randhir overhears it and says I assure you sanyu this proposal will be the most special minute of your daily life.

Precap-Randhir says to Parth I wanna do something special for sanyu? Parth says buy her a ring. I am sure the price of the ring doesn’t matter to her. Sanyu comes to lab, Randhir has designed a whole circuit and then a ring comes out of it in the end.

Written Update By Atiba


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