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Sadda Haq 4th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq Season 2

Scene 1
Randhir says you can’t manipulate anyone this time sanyu.
Joy practices saying I love you kritika. He says I have to be her romantic lover not psychopath. How to impress her? She doesn’t like going out. He sees newspaper and reads about DDLJ in a theater. He says yes!

Randhir reaches university. He says my colleague really appreciates you. The man says who? Randhir says sanyu. The man says I have never met her before. Randhir says really? The admin says I remember every single person who has been my student. Randhir says we have an opportunity at ISRC. Nirman wanted to be check all the records. He says we can only show you list of toppers. Randhir says no we want reports of all students. He says okay. They give randhir reports. He says they can’t manipulate and hack computer records. He checks the physical records. He checks everything. sanyu’s name is nowhere. He says when I tell nirman, he will make sure sanyu doesn’t get a job anywhere. Her career everything will be ruined. He recalls sanaya’s face. He says she can even sacrifice anyone’s life for her dream. She can hurt sanaya too I will never let you ruin my relationship with her.
Randhir calls becky and asks is nirman there? she says yes. randhir says i wanna meet him. he says in heart you deserve this sanyu. He recalls their competition and parth’s accident. He sees her sitting and laughing with aryan. Sanyu sees him too.
Randhir sees sanaya sad. He recalls when she made him smile.
Randhir comes to nirman’s cabin. He says good bye sanyu, this is it.

Kritika sees arjun punching the bag. There are scars on his back. she wonders what is that. Joy comes and says hi. She says hi and leaves. Sumit says you like her? He says I guess so. He says my dad says what you want might take sometime but it gets you. Aryan says yes.
nirman comes to lab and says I was just thinking who is more stubborn you or I? I don’t want to see you in the lab. I love your determination. I have decided to give you a task. It is that, i want you to go to your room, pack your bags and leaves ISRC. She says I haven’t broken any rule. He says you are not here by fluke you are a fraud. Himili aeronautical university. You thought I would never know? There is someone behind who exposed you, randhir shekhawat.

Aryan goes out in anger. sanyu says its over. aryan says its not. you are not going anywhere. I will destroy his life. sanyu says don’t do this. Nirman has used him against me and now I have no chance here. He will not take me back. Aryan says we should sit here? sanyu says no matter what I do no one will give me a chance. My dream, career everything is over. Aryan says no its not. She leaves.
Sanyu is crying in her room. She recalls coming to ISRC. She recalls what agarwal said when she was coming there. sanyu sees anju’s picture and says I am so sorry.

Precap-sanyu checks her mails. She says randhir’s mail. Aryan says you should meet him once. He is handling the situation maturely. Meet him once.

Written Update By Atiba


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