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Sadda Haq 4th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq Season 2

Scene 1
Agarwal says let me call lawyer and prepare a case against him. Sanyu says you don’t need to do that. Agarwal says then what will you do? Sanyu says what I didn’t get all those years I have it now. Your support. With that I can face anything. Your daughter won’t give up. Agarwal hugs her.

Becky calls Nirman and says he has entered and has cracked the security system too. Nirman says get me on announcement. Nirman says you are so desparate to come in ISRC? You wanna come, we will ask you some question if you answer them you can continue. You will not be questioned for breaching the privacy if you answer them. Go sit on the computer and start the test. Randhir goes there and sits in front of the computer. Randhir answers them. Nirman says you can proceed to the lab.

All others are in lab. Sanaya says we need 4 liters and then we will need .06 liters. Kiritka says can’t breathe. Arjun says you are stupid. Sanaya says you are not here alone. We have to work like a team. Keep your ego aside. He says this is not because of my ego. I can help you go out. Arjun says to hell with your team. SAnaya says to hell with you team. He picks a cylinder to hit her, the other guy stops him and throws cylinder away. Randhir comes in. Arjuin says this is our team task, get out. Randhir punches him. He recalls his old times.

Vid is in her room and says sanyu can do whatever she wants and I am th daughter in law who has to cook all day. she wear her old clothes and drinks. Agarwal calls her.
Vid says I have been ideal bahu for so long now time to complete my wishes.

Randhir says if you wanna leave then do as I say. SAnaya says there are 7 to 8 liters in the jar. We need 4.061. Randhir says okay sanaya I will handle it, take care of that girl. Randhir calculates the transfer of liquid. Joy helps him. randhir says we have 4 liters. Joy says I can’t do it anymore. Sanaya says calm down. Randhir finds a thermometere in which mercury is .061 liters. He pours it in beaker. The gate opens.

Vid says papa I want to talk about something. Agarwal says what is it? Ankit says let me play news. The new says the dark shadow has been killed in a police encounter. Sanyu is dazed. She stands up.Sanyu calls him.

Sanaya says to randhir thank you. Why you came here? He says I knew that you would do something to get out of here. She says sheikho have you fallen in love with me? He says be serious. She says you are so boring. He says when you are here then you have to.. She says okay I will try. She says I will be serious later. She says I have to go, nirman will kick me out.

Sanyu is calling aryan, he is not picking up. Sanaya comes to becky and says nirman is calling you. Becky says like you lied yesterday. sanaya says we was saying proudly becky is an amazing girl. You are his backbone. Becky says let me see, you are really a sweetheart. Randhir says what was this? Sanaya says come with me? She takes him the room where she had placed that bottle with wires. Randhir and she come out.
She says if you do these adventures with me I will stay here for lifetime. He says you are mad. She runs after him with the bottle.

Sanyu comes to Aryan’s place. He is not opening the door. Suddenly he opens the door. sanyu hugs him.
Nirman says there is someone else between you now. Come on in. Randhir comes in. Nirman says this is randhir singh. He was selected even though he didn’t answer a signle question.

Precap-Sanyu says I have to go to ISRC back.Aryan says I will help you. Nirman says to randhir I have not decided if you will stay here or not. randhir says I have not decided if I will accept you as mentor or not.

Written Update By Atiba


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