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Sadda Haq 4th January 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Kunwar welcomes everyone. He says let start. Harshita says why are you wearing highneck jacket in warm. He says don’t attack me. Sanyu says I was lightening my mood because this person can’t settle with me. Kunwar says stop fighting. harshita says when param becomes randhir, he becomes over competitive. Param says you can’t become that. Kunwar says they can never change.

Scene: Randhir says to sanyu i will see how you stay in this college. sanyu says i am not scared of your threats. He shoves her and says what happened? Are you scared? Sanyu says find yourself another college. A guy stops randhir/
Another scene: Vardhan says your time starts. Start shooting questions. sanyu asks randhir questions. sanyu asks him who can tolerate more men or women? Randhir says men. sanyu says can men tolerate child labor pain? No.randhir says shut up not everyone is a good mother.
Randhir came to her later, he says you think women are stronger. Show me your girl power. Move this shelf. sanyu says you are out of your mind. He says you are stuck here. Now see who is stronger. sanyu says what strength are you talking about? You cant compete so you use force. He locks sanyu there in the room. He says when you go out of this library your whole life would be changed.
Another scene: sanyu comes singing happy birthday randhir. Randhir says shut up all of you. sanyu says they are here to celebrate your birthday with you. Don’t shout at them. How can i not celebrate your birthday.
Another scene: sanyu falls on randhir. randhir says why you fall on me always. sanyu says we are all working there and you are chilling. he says get lost.
Sanyu says you cant walk out. selfish you know that only you can talk to them. randhir says go from here. sanyu says why can’t you talk to renuka saniyal. randhir says get lost from here before I shove you. sanyu says you can’t even deal with a woman. you have no respect for women. You can’t talk to renuka because she is your mom. randhir says shut up before i break your face. sanyuu says he uses same way with his mom.
Another scene: randhir says you can ruin dream team. you know what you have done so vardhan throws me out as captain. sanyu says you have no future. He says i dont need to tell you. sanyu says your behavior is enough for your failure. You are captain because of me. You came in my room. I can complain about you.
Another scene: Randhir you couldn’t even handle your engagement. sanyu says what will happen to you when i beat you in results. He says at least win the next task.
Another scene: sanyu comes in lab and throws the chair. randhir says why are you here? what happened in the morning isn’t enough? sanyu says will you hit me? sahil and parth stops them. Sanyu says my face irritates you. You will remember this face even when you forget your name.
Another scene: randhir says you got my dad arrested. sanyu says i am not like you. I wont give you any justification. randhir says you are like my mom. my dad was right. i was silent because mistakenly i was in love with you but i hate you. see how i avenge you and your dad. i will kick you out of this college. sanyu says you can never love someone. keep your threat to yourself. I will end your pride.

Harshita says now see who thinks out of the box. he thinks he knows everything. Param says she gets stuck in basic engineering. PAram says but when we work together we do the best.
Kunwar says we have crazy fans here.
girls are on sanyu’s side and boys on randhir’s. Kunwar says lets play a smalls ame. lets play tug of war. They start the game.
Kunwar says this is never stopping. i will see you in another episode.

Precap-sanyu says imagine you are on holidays and camera stops working. I have a solution for that.

Written Update By Atiba


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