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Sadda Haq 3rd March 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq Season 2

Scene 1
Sanyu is smiling Sanaya comes and sees randhir looking at her. Randhir says where is sanaya? He goes out to look for her. Randhir comes and says you are here. Sanaya says when did you come? he says I called you. She says I was listening to music. Randhir says you okay? She says yeah I am fine. Randhir pulls her and says what happened? She says nothing. he says you would have been dancing and irritating me. Tell me what happened? Look at me. I know something is bothering and you are not normal. Sanaya says okay fine. She stands up and says this is not done. Situation is not normal. The person who is so special to me has still feelings for his ex. Randhir says what the hell are you saying. We have already discussed it. she says yes you told me that you don’t care and she is your past. But you care. It matters. When you both are face to face, the way you see her. There is something deep down inside. You can’t realize but I can see it. Randhir says are you out of your mind? How can you even think that. I dont feel her. tell me what should I do? She says you are lying. Randhir says there why would I lie to you? Sanaya says you are lying to your own self. Randhir says pleas stop. Tell me what should I do to prove that you are the most important person.She says you dont need to. Everything was going fine. Everything is messed up. I don’t feel good. I wish she never came here. She leaves. He says you mean a lot to me. I will prove it to you that I don’t feel anything for her. Never will I.

Kiritka and sanyu see minka. She says thats the one right. Minka gets call and says I am in field. I will call you in evening. The person says editor is firing you. Read our rival’s newspaper. She checks the paper, Minka is a stain on journalism. Ex director of ISRC resigned because of her and all the proof Minka gave were fake. Kritika says after all this she is still here. Sanyu says maybe there could be another story. Kritika says why are you defending her? sanyu saysb just giving her benefit of doubt. We shouldn’t jump to conclusions. Minka walks past them.
She throws paper on Nirman’s desk. He says how can I help you? She says how can you be so disgusting. You asked me to write that story and now you are using them against me. Nirman says how can you say I did this? She says I will expose you. He syas they would trust me or a defamed journalist? They trust me, like this story. She says i have never seen someone more disgusting than you. I will fight you your way. He says who are you? what you have? She says nothing to lose. But you do. He says you still care for me? You know me inside. He burns the paper. He says this has just ruined your career. She says I will ruin your life. Nirman says all the best.

Kiritka is working. Joy stares at her. He gives her juice. He says i never saw you seeing something else? She says I don’t waste time. She asks have you seen DDLJ? He says have you? She says yes on college times. We studied thrice then I watched it. I loved it. It was really amazing movie.

Randhir says I will never talk to her. I have to find out. He says Vidushi?
Randhir meets vid. She says you never met me in FITE without purpose? You okay? He says yea. Just wanted to catch up. She says anyway pastry. He says how is married life? She says super boring. Sanyu can do whatever she wants and I am stuck there. she was doing a job in some IT firm. Randhir says I thought she would complete her post graduate? She says no sanyu was doing a job.
Vid says what did you do all these two years? Are you in touch with someone? Randhir says I want to go somewhere. He leaves. Vid says why is he so weird?

Randhir comes back to his room. he says post grad is necessary for ISRC. He sees sanyu’s records. he checks her university. He says all pictures are from FITE.
Randhir calls that university. He says this is randhir from ISRC can I talk to your administrator head. The operator says can you come down in an hour? He says yes. Randhir says sorry sanyu i will throw you out of my life.

Precap-Randir says to admin, we havea n opportunity for which we need a student. But nirman ordered me to check records of students myself. They allow him.

Written Update By Atiba


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