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Sadda Haq 3rd July 2015 Written Episode Update

Scene one

Randhir suggests you cleared all my uncertainties, sanyu claims get lost i dont need to have any one. she throws things in anger.
Sanyu is sitting down in her place, randhir is frustrated in his. They struggle to slumber but they will’t. The track ‘mitraa’ plays in background. Sanyu comes and sits in the ground. randhir arrives and sits around the adjacent bench. Randhir comes and stands near but leaves with out saying something.

Scene two
Following early morning, sanyu is engaged on the device, The wheel is about to tumble on her, ranaawat arrives and will save her. Ranawat claims an excellent captain doesn’t make a great team, The entire crew should be good. An excellent captain forces his group to work, directs them. They have to operate in addition. you’re a captain who’d lose guilty tears, or Do you need to control them. Within our society men and women think Girls can’t be leaders, this all not their cup of tea. Confirm them Mistaken, go ahead and take demand and be the captain.

Vid relates to area and suggests appear a business lady in my space. Sanyu claims turn from the lights. Vid claims our captain is so ineffective that we need to do the function all night. sanyu says then do the operate. You must assistance the staff equally. End reading through Journals and read these notes. You are Similarly responsible for bringing the sponsors. Vid reads those notes.
sanyu orders in canteen, randhir claims just take my buy initially. randhir says be quick i am definitely hungry. Sanyu will take h2o, Randhir starts taking in his food stuff. He commences coughing, sanyu gives him h2o, he shoves her then picks her up. He states you okay? She claims go away me.

Sanyu is in Conference. she suggests I need to debate a little something actually critical. Ankit is heading the Assembly as agarwal is absent. Sanyu begins givin them their thought, associates are amazed. they are saying we’ve been willing to fund your group. sanyu says thanks. All of them go away. Anit says you think that you might be truly intelligent? sanyu states eighty% board users are with me on this, papa wasn’t her but you had been. However, you couldn’t cease them, possibly you might want to Focus on your interaction competencies. He states give me the file, she shoves him and says I’m undertaking exactly what is my correct.

Vid suggests to namit i dont wanna check with you. He states you can’t dismiss me. She says I’ll. He claims you may’t ignore me, i wont depart you similar to this. He shoves her. parth is available in and shoves her. He hits namit.
Parths suggests how dare you to hit her and hurt her. parth throttles him, namit says I’m actually sorry, parth says question her for pardon. He says I’m sorry vidushi. She leaves. Namit states when she gets to grasp your reality you will get rid of each of the appeal. Vid walks in corridor in tears. Parth will come there, she suggests in coronary heart say it parth. He says Imagine if you dont take me.
vid says to workforce in canteen, sanyu treats us like she’s our manager. sanyu comes and claims my organization is able to sponsor but we have to work there as assistants. all of them nag, sanyu suggests do you may have another option? vid claims you might be making use of us. sanyu states I’m along with you all. parth says but you should have requested us. sanyu states i am executing what I am able to. if you want money do or set up sponsors on your own.

Precap-sanyu states if you think that I’m not a good captain contend with me. If i earn not one will nag about me once more. vid states I’m All set.

Written Update By Sahir

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