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Sadda Haq 31st March 2016 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Nirman says there is a major crisis. I want you all to have control your emotions and senses. There is an asteroid that is coming towards earth and will crash in India. Everyone is shocked. He shows them images. He says we have no idea what time will it hit. We have not much time. Millions of lives are at stake and we have to protect them. Go for it. This is youngest team and I want you all to prove yourselves.
Randhir and Sanaya are one team. You have to find out its composition. SAnyu and sumit, you have calculate its deviation. Arjun and kritika find out its exact size. Aryan and joy find its current location. Update me with root map.
I hope you all will be responsible. We will meet Indian army chief in 3 hours and brief him. Sanyu says I.. He says I don’t have time for your queries. Do what I asked.

Everyone is on work. Sanyu find something. randhir plugs in a drive in her PC. sanyu says what are you doing? He takes something from her PC. Randhir says to sanaya don’t waste time.
Nirman is also working. Randhir asks how will we determine properties? She says we need to experiment. Reach lab.
Arjun and kritika are checking images. She says go back and check reference images. Arjun collides with Sanaya. The chemical spills on her hand. randhir says are you blind. arjun says it was by mistake. Sanyu says arjun is hurt too. Take them to medical room.
Randhir says who asked you to interfere. Sanyu says he is hurt too. You are so insensitive. Randhir says look who is talking.

Army chief reaches ISRC. He asks nirman why didn’t you tell us before? Nirman says I was so serious working on it. Chief asks how long will it take? He says my team is on it. I will have info in 43 minutes.

Sanyu sees kritkka tensed. Sanyu says don’t worry. I can help you till arjun is recovered. Sumit comes and says please check this report. sanyu reads it and finds something. She says calculation is right. It is larger than we have imagined. Randhir and sanaya carry out tasks.
Nirman says this is the asteroid that will full fill my intentions. I need it to reach earth. I need a part of it for research and I don’t care if some lives are sacrificed for it.

Joy says to sanyu i will help kiritka. Aryan gives sanyu coffee. Sanyu says no not yet. Sanyu sees note on it, don’t worry you will do ti easily. she smiles at aryan.

Nirman briefs it is coming in speed and will reach india in 73 hours. It is so large that you cannot even imagine destruction. It will destroy whole jaipur. Chief says we can destroy this with a nuclear weapon. Nirman says that is even more dangerous. Joy says we can make a robot that drills it. Nirman says we dont have a year. We have to deviate it to a village than jaipur.
Sanyu says its premature but I studied findings, we can hits it before it enters earth’s atmosphere. Nirman says do you have a plan? sanyu says i think.. Nirman says science works on facts. Chief says we need to work on this idea. Nirman says okay go come to me with a complete plan. Leave. Sanyu leaves.

Precap-Nirman says we have al equipment. We don’t have time. Randhir I want you to lead the team. Do it. Are you all ready? They say yes sir. sanyu says to sanaya I need your help. She doesn’t respond.

Written Update by Atiba


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