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Sadda Haq 31st December 2015 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Kunwar says season 2 will be bigger and better. What character is closest to Randhir and Sanyu? Randhir Parth. Kunwar says then lets welcome Ankit Gupta as Parth.
Ankit comes in. Kunwar welcomes him. Kunwar says we were reliving the memories. what was the most memorable memories of your character? Parth says we had a competition with CIT, when I was in CIT. We almost won. Because of Vardhan I got to come to FITE. Sanyu became my first friend. Kunwar says Parth was very decent character. Lets watch Parth journey.

Scene: Parth helped Sanyu when she fell in the ditch. Sanyu said who are you? He said I will tell you once you come out. Randhir came and well and they both helped sanyu out.
Sanyu thanked Parth and introduced herself.
Another scene: Parth said to Sanyu you are talented and a good human. And good people always make good projects.
Another scene: Parth came in and explained the couplet. Sanyu said what are you doing here? Parth says joining you people. I am transferred here.
Another scene: Parth asked what company you will choose? sanyu said Agarwal automobiles. He said in your case you will choose the companies because a lot of them will select you. Sanyu said am I that demanded? Parth says talent is always demanded.

Kunwar says what they mean to you? Parth says they were my closet friends. Sanyu was my first friend. Randhir and I had a lot of fights. Sanyu has been a pillar for Parth in FITE. Sanyu was always there for Parth.
Kunwar says lets watch Sanyu and Parth friendship moments.

Scene: Parth saved Randhir and his hand got burned. Sanyu took him to medical room and did his bandage.
Another scene: Sanyu said you are such a talent, you know engineering, poetry, speaking.
Another scene: Parth said to randhir nothing is big and small. If I had not polished shoes in childhood I wont be in this college. Randhir came to him later and said I didn’t know you faced that in childhood. Parth says how would you know. If I had polished your shoes back then you would have known, anyway its okay.
Another scene: Randhir said to parth I was captain and I want to give this position to someone who is much better than me.

Kunwar says On screen Vidushi and Parth are so connected. Parth says I was trying to overcome Arpita’s memories and he got closer to Vidushi. They came closer. Once she stole phones to buy me medicines. Then her husbands came back and then I realized that I missed her so badly.

Scene: Vid said I love you Parth, he said I love you too.
Another scene: Parth and Vid danced together. He comes close and hugs her.
Another scene: Parth said to Vid you are selfish and greedy and you would never change.
Another scene: Parth pressed the danger button. Team India wins and they the engine burns. Parth dies.

Kunwar says there have been so many ups and downs for Parth. Kunwar says what happened to Parth after that accident? Parth says I don’t know that either.

Scene: Parth’s fight is shown with Kabir. Parth beats him down.
Kunwar says how to make this good body? Parth says work out, no junk food. Eat fruits and vegetabes.
Kunwar and Parth take selfie with the fans.

Kunwar thanks Ankit for coming.

Sanyu says I have a simple and quick way of telling how to clean iron. Let the iron warm and dip a panadol in water. Clean the stains with this panadal. Now clean the iron with a cloth.

Precap-Kunwar says Sanyu is an engineer in real life. Kunwar says you must have felt like you are back in college. sanyu says I learned Engineering more here than in my college.

Written Update By Atiba


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