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Sadda Haq 30th June 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Sumit reads Yoyo’s message.
Joy reads Kaustuki: Sanyu I am so happy that you are good with Randhir. Why don’t you call me? Rnadhir I still remember how you scared me in college. Randhir recalls when he scared Kaustuki and asked her to change the field. Randhir said if you agree to leave engineering, then its okay. but If you don’t leave Karan can’t get admission. I will forget everything.
Kaustuki says all the best. Stay happy.
Sanyu says you were so creepy. Randhir says you kicked Karan out.
Arjun reads Vidushi’s: Thank God sanyu you have decided something. I was pissed seeing your see saw. Thank God you are leaving this house. Your room is now mine. Randhir all the best, to bear sanyu. Sanyu says she can’t take my room.
Randhir says thanks a lot guys. Sanyu says yes thank you so much.

In the evening, the guys come to machine room. Kritika says this was my idea but are you sure this is right? Joy says yes we need to clean it. Arjun says this is way much. SAnaya is about to slip. Sumit says where were you? Sanaya says I was arranging everything. The program will happen here. But this is very dirty. Joy says their story revolves around machines. Arjun says no one lives here. Sanaya says my sheikhu will grow here. Joy says shut up.
They clean and place a bed there with other decorations. Joy falls on Kritika. Everyone sings. They get shy.

Sanaya comes crying to sanyu and says Sheikhu in the machine.. I don’t know what happened to him. Sanyu runs out. SAnaya says I should become an actor.
Joy comes to Randhir and says Randhir.. Sanyu.. Randhir says what happened? He says the machine on her.. Randhir says what happened? Joy says she is injured. Randihr runs out. Joy calls them and says he is coming there. Randhir comes in room and says sanyu? I can’t see anything? Sanyu says I can’t find you. Sanyu says sanaya said you are injured. Randhir says joy said you are hurt. The lights turn on, they sees the bed.
Everyone outside smiles. Sanaya says at least there is action in someone’s life. Sumit is about to kiss her. SAnaya slaps him and says don’t even think. Dirty boy. lets go. Sanyu says the gate is locked from outside. Sanyu says open the door. sumit sanaya joy.. sanyu says Randhir come here and help me. He says why? Sanyu says what you mean? Randhir says we are legally married. Sanyu says this is not a joke. Randhir says I am not joking.

Randhir slides her hair and kisses her shoulder. Sanyu says Randhir but.. Randhir says sh.. This is my right. Randhir kisses her and picks her up. Randhir lays her on bed. Randhir lits all the candles. He comes close to sanyu. Sanyu and Randhir are in bed. Randhir kisses her from back. They make love.
Sanyu wakes up. Randhir is asleep next to her in sheets. Sanyu recalls their moments together. Randhir wakes up. He says what were you thinking staring at me? Sanyu says nothing. He says I know you were thinking we will never fight again. Randhir says promise. SAnyu says lets go they will tease us. Randhir says why would they. I am with my wife. He says you will go like this? Randhir kisses her.
Sanyu and Randhir get dressed. Sanyu says the door is still not open. Randhir says you are a master at it. Go find some magnets. Sanyu tries to open the door. Randhir says you can’t even open a door. Sanyu says i can. He says let me do this. SAnyu says I will. He snatches the magnet it breaks. Randhir says you don’t listen to me. Sanyu says you broke it. He says no you did. Now don’t argue like this. Sanyu says I am like this. Randhir says bring me coffee. Sanyu says you expect me to make coffee for you everyday. Randhir says yes breakfast too. SAnyu says you.. He hugs her. SAnyu says we can never stop fighting. Randhir says what is love without fighting?

The end.

Written Update by Atiba

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  1. Hi i m a big fan of sadda haq n channel V .it is a very shocking news to me that channel V is going to change in a music channel .plz dont do this save tha channel and restart sadda haq in a new was only channel which was my favourite because I only likes serials not song n movie and only see channel V plz dont shut down channelV plz do something


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