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Sadda Haq 2nd November 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
Sanyu asks randhir why are you smiling? He says in heart something special for my special girl. sanyu says what?
Randhir books a table for two. sanyu says whom are you talking to? He ignores her. Sanyu says why are you ignoring me? He says why should i tell you everything? She says because i am your gf. You are concealing one thing then you will conceal thousands. Then you will have a gf. He says shut up can’t i even surprise you? sanyu says i knew it.
yoyo comes and says pkc has called everyone in audi. Randhir says lets go.

PKC says i just wanted to say all the best to all you. I know you will perform well. All the best for your futures. students are scared when they come here, then they pass out they can solve anything. I am sure you will be great engineers as well. You will be given a farewell party for engineers. Yoyo says this time I will pass out has well. we will organize a party tonight. randhir says not tonight? Parth says why? Randhir says sanyu is not well. Parth says she can come. Yoyo says randhir and sanyu will plan the party.

Sanyu says to randhir where did this come from. Randhir says you will get your surprise don’t worry.
Sanyu pretends like she has got a fever. Tania says oh you should rest. Vid hugs her as well. she says your body is cold. sanyu says i feel it inside. Vid says okay take care.
The juniors asks randhir what to order for tonight’s party? He says I am not cater. Rishab comes and stares him. Parth comes randhir pretends like his friend has met an accident. PArth says i should come with you as well. Randhir says no i will manage. Its minor. Parth says i should come, you might need me. Randhir says dont worry i will handle it. enjoy with everyone.

Parth comes to party room and sees vid there. He zips her shirt from the back. Vid turns back. Yoyo and everyone comes in. Yoyo says you came before us. Vid says i was about to call you. vid says where is everyone else? vid says sanyu has fever. Parth says randhir’s pal has met an accident. Yoyo says i am sure they are lying and they are doing a private party.
Vid says lets spoil their party.
Randhir comes and hugs sanyu. They are about to leave. vid, parth and everyone start looking for them. Randhir says lets go secretly from here. They hide under the table.
Sanyu and randhir sneak out, pkc stops them. sanyu says thank you sir. Randhir says yes for guiding us. PKC is flattered.

Vid says to parth i saw them coming here. Parth says no one is here. Sanyu and randhir hide under table. sanyu sees a cockroach and screams. Vid and parth catch them.

sanyu and randhir are while in the party. They all interrogate them. sanyu states Of course i had fever. Sanyu states randhir was getting me to hospital. Parth claims but randhir’s friend satisfied an accident. Randhir suggests sanyu was that Buddy. she slipped from stairs. it had been a collision. Yoyo suggests you cheated us and ruined our strategy. Vid says They are really bored of us. Parth states dont do melodrama. Stop crying just like a everyday soap bahu. Vid and parth start out combating. SAnyu says you all are suitable, we dont have Significantly time, allows celebrate and devote this time with each other. Randhir says why dont you two patch up likewise. They make parth and vid shake palms. They all drink and luxuriate in.
Yoyo says when will a lady come in my existence. Randhir claims you can find somebody dont get worried. Parth states I skip jiggy. Yoyo says he left us all. Vid claims he is often with us. Sanyu suggests you keep in mind parth when randhir was aquiring a doubt on us. Yoyo suggests i pass up vardhan sir. sanyu says he was Unique. Parth claims he did a lot for me. Yoyo states cheers to Absolutely everyone.

Precap-sanyu asks randhir to go home. She says you should spend time with family. Renuka says you got sanyu kidnapped. harsh says i wasn’t alone. You were with me. Randhir hears it.

Written Update By Atiba


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