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Sadda Haq 2nd March 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq Season 2

Scene 1
Randhir meets parth. Randhir says you were leaving in evening. Parth says yeah but I am leaving now. Parth says I just want both of you to be happy. Sanaya says him bye as well. Sanyu hugs parth and says I will miss you. He says take care. Aryan says good luck and hugs him. Parth says in heart they both look happy in their lives and I guess that is destiny for now. But life is so unpredictable. Who knows what will happen tomorrow?
The intern says to sanyu this is crew computer. Sanyu says yes all the research is specified with this. Randhir comes in. He says i didn’t know there is a separate mission for interns? Its better to do your work. If you don’t mind.. the intern leaves. Randhir sits on super computer. Sanyu sees him working. Sanyu sees email from her own ID. She says aryan.. randhir looks at her. Sanaya sees them and leaves.

Joy says to Kritika says you must be insured? She says is arjun coming with us? he says yes but he got an important call. Joy says we should go. Kritika says I am coming in 2 minutes. She sees arjkun saying on call please trust me its not what you think it is.
Sanaya is working. she cuts her hand a bit. She says am I overreacting. I hope there is nothing like that.
Nirman can’t access his documents. He checks everything. he asks becky where is enevelop? The password change and everything is in that. Becky says calm down. He says just go.
Arjuna says on call please listen to me, give me one chance. He sees kritika. he grasps her hand and says how dare? She says calm down I was just passing form here. She says please calm down. I can help you. He says what you think of yourself. she says you are hurting my hand.

Sanyu sees aryan and says he looks busy. Aryan says you are at right place why are you going back? she says I thought you are busy. You mailed me. He says what mail? Sanyu says okay and is about to leave. He holds her hand and I can focus better in yoru company. Sanyu recalls their good moments together. She reads note I don’t want this smile to ever fade. sanyu places her head on his shoulder.

Nirman says to minka you have stolen that file. She says you undertsand me so well. He says I like hurting you and you know that. she says I will expose you. I will tell everyone what can you do to get your selfish motives done. he says I dont care you better shouldn’t be seen here.

SAnaya comes to randhir and says sheikho come with me. They eat out together, randhir makes her eat. She says I was really hungry. She says I texted you but you didn’t come. he says we both won. Its working. he says I was tired your draama refreshes me. She says why is sanyu being so desparate? She says I mean nirman tortures her but she isnt giivng up. She can get a job anywhere. She says I am going to sleep. He says whats wrong? She says are you coming or should i go alone?

Sanyu hears a meow and drops all her files. Joy comes and laugsh. He says this was my phone sorry. SAnyu laughs and says stupid. Sanyu laughs. sanaya comes in and sees her laughing.

Precap-Randhir comes to sanaya and says i have been looking for you. She says the person who is so special to me has feelings for his ex still.

Written Update By Atiba


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