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Sadda Haq 29th September 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
Yoyo says parth come in. parth says no. Randhir goes to parth and says i know what you are going through. Sanyu says let it go. Randhir says go at least lie. Sanyu says if i die don’t say you didn’t get the chance. Parth smiles. parth says i always wanted to compete with randhir. I used to be in top 3. who could be a better competitor than him? He is my inspiration. when i came here i got to know he is a better friend. i am lucky to have you, you were always there when i needed you.Sanyu is humble and all the way down to earth. She’s better than all of us. Sanyu also recognized me. I congratulate and desire the two of you many of the best possible.
Yoyo claims my turn now. Randhir there is one thing about you that is why i built you my Close friend. And sanyu you built exciting of me, you introduced a great deal of fun in my lifetime. Sanyu claims i wanna say something as well. Randhir claims I’ll communicate 1st. They start combating. Randhir says none of you might converse, you will see flashback. They begin sanyu and randhir’s pictures. They reveal who they achieved to start with.
Lights switch off, yoyo says its get together time Anyone. Everyone beverages. Randhir usually takes the mic, he suggests that you are celebrating my Dying anniversary i should really say anything at the same time. I’m actually pleased and having fun with this. Thank you a great deal. Sanyu claims you people today flaunt your Bodily power. Randhir suggests you dont have it. sanyu suggests its more details on psychological energy. They the two get started battling. Sanyu suggests i am going from listed here. Randhir pulls her in excess of her. She says why You usually don’t behave such as this? He claims no sale full in year in one store. They lay and rest there.

Next morning everyone tries to wake them up. Ranawat will come and throws drinking water on them. he leaves in anger. Parth claims we made an effort to cease him. parth says go talk to him before he disqualifies in anger.
All people taunts at randhir and sanyyu. Sanyyu states how could i be irresponsible. I realized it absolutely was process now. ranawat claims i resgin from desire staff mentorship and FITE wont get involved in Levels of competition for the reason that we need two persons to signify us which we don’t have. I assumed if i test i can discover them. randhir and sanyu apologize. Sanyu says we wont make this happen yet again, we are seriously sorry. Ranawat is about to leave. yoyo suggests you should dont do this sir.
just give us one opportunity i took them there in get together. they ended up researching in library. Ranawat states are they Children? They dont determine what is nice and undesirable for them? Yoyo says make sure you sir forgive them. PKC claims let it be abhay forgive them. We just needed to deliver them correct monitor. Parth says you should forgive them sir. PKC says there’s no the perfect time to again out from Levels of competition. Ranawat suggests ok high-quality. Absolutely everyone heaves a sigh of reduction.
Ranawat states there are a few faults in engine. you have to repair service it. You might have a few minutes should you dont get it done then the load will drop in your head. This tends to check If you’re able to carry out in disaster. You may’t make any error.
Parth claims its unachievable in 3 minutes, their life are risked. Ranawat states that may be why they signed the NOC. Ranawat claims you may back out right now as soon as the undertaking has started out you cant back out.
Randhir and sanyu are dazed. Parth says raise the time yoyo suggests or give them a back up. Ranawat states there is no again up selection. In the event you wanna back again out get it done ahead of the job. Winner will be the driver. i am happy to determine you happen to be brave enough to accept this challenge. The undertaking will start in a single hour from now.

Precap-Randhir and sanyu are doing the task. Rishab says save yourself randhir, you care about dream team more. Parth says shut up.

Written Update By Sahir


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