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Sadda Haq 29th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq Season 2

Scene 1
Randhir is hitting punching bag in anger. He recalls what vid did. Arjun comes and says Sanaya and sany. Randhir hits the bag on him. Arjun defends. Arjun says what you think whom is he thinking while punching, joy? Randhir grasps his collar. Joy says arjun.. Kritika pretends to have fallen to stop them. Joy comes to her.
Aryan recalls vid’s words. She sits there in anger and cries. He recalls his moments with sanyu. He says Sanyu.. Sanyu comes and knocks. she says aryan please open the door I really want to talk to you. Please just once. He opens and says please leave. sanyu says just once.. He shouts just leave. I don’t wanna talk at the moment. Sanyu leaves.

Randhir stops sanyu and says I want to do so much. SAanyu says I am equally disturbed. I dont know where this all came from. I don’t know why she said all that. Randhir says I know, it came from you. but nothing ever is in your control. The things I have cleared from my heart and mind, you made her say all that. sanyu says why would I do that? He says keep one thing in your mind, stay away from me. I don’t care what you are trying to do. you cant manipulate me anymore. Sanyu says enough. You manipulate people you need something from. I need nothing from you. She leaves.

Sanaya is drinking. aryan comes in. She says hi. Aryan sits with her. She says we have got a lot in common. Randhir calls her but she doesn’t pick. She says sheikho gets worried when I am not in front of him. Everything is cool between us. I used to think I know him but there is still a lot to know. Everyone has a past. He says right. She says that past doesn’t interfere in present then its cool. you have to trust the person. Everything is cool. I am sure. She leaves.

Sanaya comes in randhir’s room. She is drunk. She says its okay. It was your past. He gives her water. She says that was your past. randhir says drink water. She says I don’t care why are you so worried? He says I am sorry I didn’t tell you all this. She says I dont wanna drink. Stop doing this. Why didn’t you tell me? Randhir says because its past and unimportant. She says water? Randhir gives her water. She throws up. Nirman calls randhir. Randhir cuts hi call. He takes Sanaya to washroom. He asks her to sit. Randhir says nothing is more important than you to me. She hugs him.

Aryan goes in his room. sanyu says wont you give me a chance to explain? I really need to talk to you. He says in heart what will you say now? Sanyu says please. He opens his laptop and starts working. He says in heart past shouldn’t bother me but it is. Sanyu says that was my past and its over. I didn’t tell because it is unimportant. Aryan says please go from here. I can’t see you right now. He says in heart I am hurting her. He hits the wall. sanyu stops him. Aryan sits and cries. sanyu sits with him as well. He leaves. Sanyu hugs him. Aryan says in heart I can’t stay away from you.

Randhir says to nirman I have submitted my design. The incharge says all parts are in sync. Nirman says good. Randhir says I can modify sanyyu’s design and make it better. Nirman says she might have copied it from somewhere else. I wont hear any recommendation for her. sanyu overhears this.

Precap-Randhir is weightlifting. Someone comes and helps him out. He is shocked its parth. He hugs randhir. Parth meets sanyu as well. Later Parth is with randhir, he says you should have called sanaya too parth. She could dine with us as well. Parth says I want to spend time with old friends. Randhir is shocked to see sanyu there.

Written Update By Atiba


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