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Sadda Haq 28th April 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Sanyu come sin locker room. She sees so many cups with congratulations written on them. She says Aryan.. He says present Ms Lead Astronaut. Such an achievement. Sanyu says he made me because he didn’t have an option. He says you know you are the best. Sanyu says I thought I would earn it. It feels like he is doing this punish the team. He says you are the lead astronaut. I know you will everything. I believe in you. He brings the s and a cup and gives her coffee.

Randhir comes in Nirman’s room. Nirman says in life and gold you need more attention than power. Little distraction and lose the target. Strength is useless if you don’t have focus. I am really disappointed in you. Randhir says you wanted to kick sanyu out of ISRC, how could you do this? Nirman says there is one more thing common in life and golf, ball never questions the club. She is the lead because she has good equation with the team plus she has good relation with aryan too. Randhir says they aren’t in a relationship. Nirman says whatever it is. Aryan gives her strength and thats more than enough. Randhir says in heart I will take everything from you sanyu position, your relation. You don’t deserve it.
Becky says you really think its because of aryan’s support. Nirman says no one need another’s support here. They are all independent.

Sumit says see see captain of ship is here. Sanyu says I am happy but I know you are all shocked. Kritka says its not your fault he had been unfair. SAnaya says at least we can support you. He had tortured you enough. Arjun says you are a girl this had to happen. I have all the qualities except that I call be a girl. Kritka says what you mean. Sanaya says keep you MCP opinions to yourself. Aryan says better be low profile when you don’t have talent. Sanyu says luck talent and solid support. Sanyuu says we are one team lets not fight. Sumit says sanyu give us a party. Sanaya says yes treat please. Your parents must be very happy. Some parents are never happy with their kids. Arjun goes in his room. Kritiak comes after him. he says I knew you will come. What are you doing in ISRC? You told everyone about my dad. Kritka says I am not that cheap. You are not the only one who has problems. He says I have no problems. She says you are so insecure that you think everyone is your enemy. He says what you think of yourself. He pushes her to the wall.

Sanyu calls becky and says nirman is not here. Becky says how would I know I am not his mom.Sanyu sees his watch that is not working.sanyu tries to fix it. Nirman says how dare you to touch it. sanyu says it was not working, its the space watch that my mentor gave me and his mentor gave him. This is priceless. This watch will decide who deserves to wear it.
Nirman says now you will prove that you are the best but time might prove that you are the worst. Sanyu says one thing I promise you won’t feel you wasted your time on me.I wont let you regret. She leaves.

Randhir is coding. Aryan says the right code. Randhir says isn’t sanyu giving you time? I will be more than happy to give you company.Aryan says make me happy by coming to the party. Randhir says I might come to help you. I know how to handle her when she is drunk.I will save your time and effort.

Sanyu kritika and sanaya decide for party. Aryan gets dressed too. The girls do the facial. Sanaya says we will take time. We have applied face pack. Aryan says I can’t wait to see how beautiful you will look.I can wait hours.
Aryan sees randhir dressed too. aryan says looking good. randhir says I can do this for your happiness and sanyu’s. Aryan says I arranged it for sanyu’s happiness but you canadd upto it.

Precap-Party starts. Everyone is dancing. Randhir says can I dance with the one you have thrown this party for, Aryan says sure. Randhir dances with sanyu and zips her unlock shit.

Written Update by Atiba

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