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Sadda Haq 28th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq Season 2

Scene 1
Nirman calls the company owner who did research for the fuel you sold me? He says our engineers did. Nirman says didn’t you buy it from a college sanyu? The owner says no we did it ourself. She is the same girl who was involved in car accident. We know you better understand who is lying. She is.

Sanyu comes to Aryan’s place. She says I needed dark shadow’s help. He says come in. He wears hoodie and says dark shadow. Sanyu says aryan you.. He says you have no idea how dangerous dark shadow is but you are safe. Sanyu says aryna if you can help me with.. only you can do this. Can you help me in filling up a form? He says you want me to make a fake certificate for you? sanyu says I don’t have another option. To apply in ISRC I have to. He says no one will know your reali qualification after today.Sanyu says your house looks organized. He says someone said that my house is messed up so I improved it. Ready? sanyu says yes. He gives her water and says you will feel better. sanyu has hiccups. He pats her back. He says I am an illegitimate child, sanyu stops hiccups. She says you are joking right?

Sanyu while sleeping recalls what aryan said. She says I thought he is joking. He said is so casually. He shared something that personal with me? No.
Sanyu comes to aryan’s place and says I was hungry and I bought chinese and thought should come here. What is your favorite movie? He says I know what you are here for? I don’t need sypmathy. sanyu says I just. He takes the food bag and starts eating. sanyu says I am sorry. He says let it be its okay. I agree that i didn’t tell just to stop hiccups. Sanyu says you are a great man. He says you should pack your bags for ISRC. sanyu says I a very excited. Will you help me? He nods.

Next morning, sanyu is packing up stuff. aryan helps her out. Aryan makes her tea. The song ‘aj kal zindagi’ plays in background. They buy ice cream.
Sanyu comes to agarwal and tells him about ISRC. He says stay at ISRC don’t go out and stay away from boys. Dont forget that you have a house and keep calling. sanyu smiles. Agarwal smiles too.
Sanyu says to aryan on call I am excited and nervous. what if nirman gets to know my degree is fake. He says trust dark shadow. sanyu says i hope everything goes well. He says you need rest. Tomorrow you will be in ISRC at this time.

Sanyu comes to ISRC, he says I am here too. This is Nirman’s offer letter. sanyu is dazed. Sanyu says now? have you left it? He says I fell for you. I will stay here. I dont care about another job. I care about you. If you want I can leaves. I am in cafe downstairs. Sanyu says what is he saying? No. I have only one goal. I have a meaning after two years. I cant have more complications. I am sorry Aryan but I want to you to go.

Sanyu comes to aryan in canteen. He says hi. Sanyu sits with him. She says aryan.. He says one espresso for the lady, and no sugar. He says what you wanted to say? Sanyu says your offer letter? Lets go we are late. He says drink your coffee first.
Sanyu comes and sees her dorm. She sees aryan there too. He says there are only two dorm. you can ask me for any help. sanyu says yeah its okay. He picks her bag.

Precap-Nirman says on this mission inly those people will be with me who dont wanna lose. If you lose then ISRC has nothing to do with you. A girl wakes up in dorm and sees acid on the floor.

Written Update By Atiba


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