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Sadda Haq 27th October 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
Randhir asks everyone about sanyyu. He says she must have gone home. He calls her home but no one picks up.
A thug comes in with food. He says i brought you food. Don’t be scared. Sanyu says go from here. He says eat and let me know if you need something else. Another thug asks him to come, boss has called.
Sanyu looks for a way out. Sanyu tries to find her phone, she finds it and calls randhir. The thugs come in. sanyu says let me go why have you kidnapped me here. They say shut up. How about we kill you. Randhir hears all of this. Randhir says sanyu? A thug sees her phone, he says you called someone? If you try to be smart, next bullet will be in your head.

Randhir tells cops about sanyu. they say we need to ask you all few questions. Randhir says you are wasting time, her life is in danger. Inspector says dont interfere. Randhir says please send your men to find her. He says i know what to do. Inspector says have you got her kidnapped? Parth says what are you saying. Inspector says maybe you did this and called us so we don’t doubt you. Randhir loses his mind.
Renuka and harsh come in. Renuka says should I call CM, Inspector says mam I am really sorry. Renuka says stay in your limits. Randhir goes out and says I have to find sanyu.

Renuka says to harsh i told you this is a flop plan. Renuka says how did she call randhir? harsh says my men told me that they broke sanyu’s phone. She fooled them. Renuka says don’t you know how smart she is. Harsh says everything is under control. Renuka says what if sanyu tells randhir. HArsh says i will kill her. Renuka says you wont do any such thing.

Randhir and parth are trying to track sanyu’s location.
Sanyu is crying. Randhir sees his photos with sanyu. He recalls their old moments and song ‘judaai’ plays in background. He calls her number but its off.

Up coming early morning parth wakes randhir up and states I believe I discovered her. I ongoing previous night time. Sanyu is On this region. She is in almost any of these home.
Sanyu hits a thug and runs. They operate after her. Sanyu operates during the jungle. They capture her all over again.
Parth and sanyu are in jungle. parth claims be sure to Wait and see. Parth suggests there are plenty of spots while in the map. I am absolutely sure she needs to be near. They acquire sanyu back again in and lock her. Sanyu states who’s their boss?
Randhir sits disappointed. Parth claims you recognize she’s a fighter. Randhir states she’s alone and we are able to’t uncover just about anything. Parth states dont stop trying. We will see her. Arrive on rise up.

Randhir hears sanyu’s voice. He runs to her. He hugs her and claims exactly where had been you? She says a lot of people kidnapped me. I thought i will never see you all over again. Randhir will make her sit. Abruptly he realizes it had been all a desire. He screams.

Precap-Harsh states to randhir these kidnappers are so harmful lets go from below. Randhir sees his name on the floor. He suggests father sanyu was in this article.

Written Update By Sahir


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