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Sadda Haq 27th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq Season 2

Scene 1
Ankit says how will i create profits in this deal? Vid helps him out. He says thank you. He says I missed you so much. Vid says I wanted to say something. He says lets plan a bangkok trip. Okay you decide what you want? Vid says I think I should be involved in the business? He says what would you do? She says we can spend time together this way and this will help you too. He says wow I want you with me too. But you know papa wont agree. Vid says please do something. And that sanyu, what is she upto? Why I think papa’s behavior has changed.

Sanyu calls Nirman’s office. She says can you connect to director of IRP I can’t answer same question so many times.
Agarwal says to ankit what are all these loopholes? Ankit says what is sanyu upto? Agarwal says its upto her. Sanyu says I am going office? Ankit says she is going to IRP office. she is lying. Agarwal says she is grown up and knows what she has to do.
Agarwal says in heart you look happy after so many days. All the best.
SAnyu comes out aryan is there. Sanyu says you? He says i know you are going to ISRP. Come with me. I am going there too. He says lets go.

Sanyu and Aryan are there. They are waiting for two hours. The receptionist says you have to wait this is not a railway station. This is ISRC. He says in heart I know she is not fired because she has an affair with manager.
He steals her card and they go in.
Sanyu asks what you know about Nirman? He tells about his qualification. He says this is all. He says in heart I can’t tell you more. sanyy says nirman’s identity is secret like yours. H says did you search about me? He says no I..
She says where is Nirman’s cabin.

Sanyu sees everyone working. SHe says this is magical. Wow. This is unbelievable. He says in heart this is your first love, so it is magical. For me you are my first love. Sanyu says I can’t wait anymore.
Sanyu comes to Nirman’s office and says I came to present my fuel project here. I have generated fool. Now I have cracked it myself. He says to seretary to bring in security. He says take her out. sanyu says read my reports once please. He goes through them.
Nirman says you are right I have changed my mind. Call the campus police. This fuel project was cracked by my team three months ago. THis is our project and you are saying this is yours? And this is secret fuel and this is for rockets.
The police takes sanyu with her. Sanyu tells everything to aryan.
Aryan blackmails a cop. Inspector says to sanyu agree that fuel is yours or you will be jailed. sanyu says this is my fuel. Sanyu says how would you feel if someone takes your credit? Agarwal comes in. sanyu says papa who called you here?
Sanyu says papa they have misunderstanding that I have stolen their fuel.

Nirman asks his secretary about the fuel. She says the company we bought is from, it was bought from some girl.
Aryan blackmails the lawyer. He says everything is written in this. The lawyer says what should I do now?
The lawyer calls nirman. Nirman says drop the case. Lawyer says are you sure? He says yes.

Vid is dancing in her room. Someone calls agarwal and says your daughter has stolen ISRC’s project? He says no my daughter can’t do this. sanyu says in heart your support is everything for me. sanyu sees in news the Nirman has announced to hire new and fresh engineers. Vid says sanyu don’t tell me you want to apply? You are just a graduate. Sanyu says in heart I am not a post graduate. Will I never be able to apply in ISRC.

Precap-Sanyu says to Aryan I need dark shadow’s help. He wears hood and says dark shadow is here.

Written Update By Atiba


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