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Sadda Haq 26th May 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Aryan says snayu please wake up. Nirman comes in too and says randhir get up. Nirman says take them out. Aryan picks sanyu and take her to medical room.
Aryan says to doctor I wanna go in please. I wanna see her. He says no you can’t. She is out of danger now. Aryan says I will wait here. Aryan says remember a kid lost his leg because of you. And closed the case with your force. Doctor is dazed. Aryan says so when I come here at night you won’t see me okay? Doctor in tension nods.
Aryan goes back and recalls his time with sanyu. He comes to his room. Aryan is in tears.

At night, Randhir gets up and looks at sanyu. He says I am sorry it was my mistake. Everything in these two years was my mistake. Sanyu says what you mean? He sits and says I know I have lost you in the past. in the task there was a moment I thought I would lose you forever, I couldn’t breathe. I accepted it as the end. I closed my eyes and then I saw your face. She was wearing umatched clothes with grease on them. A nose that had anger and a beautiful smile that made me forget everything, you know who is that girl. He makes her stand and holds her hand. Randhir says you. My imaginary engineer. What I did with you after competition was my mistake. I don’t deserve you but what I feel.. I have to say it. He holds her hand.
Sanyu says I love you and I always will. Do you love me? sanyu says I.. Randhir says give me one last chance I will fix everything. Sanyu hugs him, Sanyu says I love you. I love you randhir. Randhir puts her on bed and she sleeps again. Later, Aryan comes and sits by her. Aryan says sanyu are you okay? Can you hear me? Sanyu randhir.. randhir.. Aryan is dazed. Aryan leaves.

Sanaya is in her room. Kritika brings her coffee. Sanaya says for a moment I thought I will lose randhir forever. Kritika says we saw death so close. Of people that are close to us. Sanaya says we humans take everything for granted. I fight with randhir on everything. I realized today how wrong we are. We don’t accept failure.What we have today won’t be with us tomorrow. We never sit down and talk to our parents. Never think what they feel. We shouldn’t have regrets. Sanaya says I am boring you. Kritika hugs her and says you are making sense. She looks at Arjun. Sanaya says do you feel for arjun?Then why don’t you tell him? At least you won’t regret. Just imagine you seeing him after 30 years with his wife. Kritika says its not that easy. Sanaya says what can he do? Just say no. We shouldn’t have any regrets. Kritika says he with becky. Sanaya says we both know why they are together.

Nirman is throwing stuff in anger. he says their connection will fail my mission. becky says why are you so against relationships? It might work positively.Nirman says I could never be part of mars mission and that was because of relationships. Becky says they are youngsters. Nirman says just leave. They are my team.

Precap-sanyu calls somewhere and says I am talking on randhir’s behalf. Why have you sent this bill? The man says he rented a car from us and modified it. That way it could never meet an accident. Sanyu says that means randhir never put his life in danger.

Written Update by Atiba

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