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Sadda Haq 26th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq Season 2

Scene 1
Sanaya stands up randhir is shirtless. She says I was hungry. He says I am not surprised. She says you are shirtless because you wanted to show off. He says I am used to. Now lets go.
Aryan sees Minka in his cabin. He comes in she hides under the table. Aryan lits a candle and says you torch battery must be over. come out now.
Vid sits with Arjun and joy and says I hope you don’t mind. She says you know everyone doesn’t have that spark. Arjun says there is whole fire.
Nirman says you thought you can come here and I wont know. You wont be able to go out if you come here again. He says I make fun of fear. Nirman says you can’t make fun of our rules. She says I have my official ID with me. this is my duty to cover ISRC. Nirman says what you did to make this fake ID, we both know. He grasps her by waist and says
you know this doesn’t matter. He grasps her face and says we can be like we used to be. The person I could trust. He kisses her neck.

Sanaya and randhir drink. sanaya says you are smart and hot. I wonder why are you doing all this. Randhir says people speak truth after drinking. She says I am mediocre but you still hang out with me. I am not even your type. Randhir says who can be? Sanaya says someone who is sensible like you, like sanyu. Randhir takes his glass and says enough. he says you are stupid. She says I was juts joking return my glass. He leaves.

Sanyu and aryan are sitting outside. Sanyuu says you look peaceful seeing the stars. He says in heart its not because of stars its because you are near. He says when we sit under the large sky we feel like our problems are so small. sanyu says see supernova. Wish something. What did you ask? He says in heart that you feel what I feel. He says wishes are secret. What did you ask? sanyu says I don’t need to. I have everything I wanted. The shooting star that fulfilled my dream is sitting with me. Thanks.
He says in heart I can do anything to make you smile. I really love. He says you dont need to thank me.

Kritika comes and says arjun dont drink too much. He says I don’t take any orders. Joy says don’t mind, he is outspoken. Everyone sits there. Vid starts dancing.
Minka comes out of cabin and says I can’t forget what I am here for.
Sanyu says vid lets go to room. Vid says I am not drunk. Vid says what have you decided? Nothing? I knew it. No problem. I will make it happen. Randhir says sanaya lets go. sanyaa says why? VId says where are you going? I wanna say something. She stands on bench and says I am an outsider here but destiney brought us all together. Sanyu says stop it. Sanaya says let her talk. Vid says the best couple I have ever met, the two mist special people of my life, they have come back here. They are.. sanyu says its late.. lets getting late. Vid says they are sanyu and randhir. Everyone is dazed. Aryan leaves sanyu;s hand. Sanaya gives a shocked look to randhir. Vid says they couldn’t pass a day without each other. And whole college life they were together and now here too. I don’t believe and destiney when I saw you here I believed in destiny. Aryan leaves and then Randhir leaves as well.

Sanyyu says why did you say all that? Vid says I thought everyone knew. sanyu says that was deliberate. Stop pretending. what you want? Why are you doing all this? Vid says sorry for all that. Unless I create drama people don’t take me seriously. I want entry in ISRC. This was just opening show. But if you don’t do something the audience will have your papa too next time.

Precap-Sanyu says Aryan I am sorry, It was sudden. Aryan says just leave. Randhir says to sanaya I have been looking for you. I knwo this is bothering you. Sanaya says you still feel for your ex. How can I feel normal. Randhir says I don’t feel for. Sanaya says stop lying yourself.

Written Update By Atiba


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