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Sadda Haq 25th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq Season 2

Scene 1
Vid sees Randhir and says I feel like I am in college reunion. If I knew that you all plan on ISRC then I would have taken engineering seriously. She meets sanaya. Sanaya says you didn’t tell me about your college friends randhir. Randhir says lets go sanaya, vid I will see you later. Sanaya says but sheikho..
Vid says sheikho? Are they dating? Sanyu is here and that aryan too.

Sanaya says why were you uncomfortable in front of her? Was she your gf? Randhir says I have some work in lab. She says okay. he says I need to concentrate, I will drop you to your room. She says its okay I will manage and leaves. Randhir sees sanyu. He says its okay I understand. But you can cross any limit to get your motive. I am not surprised by this at all. sanyu says I admit it. He says you have not changed. You are same like 2 years ago, self centered over ambitious. Sanyu says you better mind your own business. He says I am sad you failed your motive, you can steal another person’s idea. You can even murder someone. Sanyu says Parth is alive. Randhir says oh yeah he should thank you. Thank you sanyu, because of you I was in come for two years. You want credit for this too? Nothing has changed. Sanyu says yeah you are right. well in that case you should move on and stop judging others. Randhir says I have already moved on. He leaves. She says you still misunderstand me. Now it doesn’t matter to me.

Sanyu comes to Aryan. He says were you crying? I am sorry. I don’t know how to express, I try but fail. I am really sorry. Sanyu hugs him. Sanyu says thank you for always being there for me. I can’t thank you enough. Thank you for supporting me.
Randhir recalls his conversation with sanyu. Sanaya slips. She says how will I walk now? You will have to pick me up. My heel is broken. Randhir breaks the other heel as well. She says if I had fracture on leg would you break the other too? He says I am trying something. She says I have brought something for you? She says black coffee. He says you should have been in advertisement industry. She asks how is the coffee? He says nice, thank you. Sanaya says you just thanked me? I think you are not okay. Lets go to doctor. He says thank you was not for coffee. Sanaya says what for? She hugs him. She says you are even more idiot than me.

Sanyu sees vid and says you are still not home? Vid says papa knows that randhir is here as well? I saw him with a girl sanaya. sanyu says I think you should leave. Vid says sanaya lives with randhir? Sanyu says I don’t know. I will be in trouble. this is not college. Vid says yeah yeah I know ISRC. sanyu says please go from here and don’t tell papa that randhir is here as well. Vid says you have to get me inside ISRC. Sanyu says you can’t stay the night here. Vid says I am saying permanently. Sanyu says are you joking? Vid says I am tired of spending life in your kitchen. I am done with all that and you have to help. Sanyu says this is impossible. Vid says no if you want. You can do anything you want. But question is if you want so or not. Sanyu says come on leave.
Sanaya comes in and says you are still here? sanyu says she was just leaving. Vid says I so dont want to go. Anyway bye. Suddenly vid faints. Sanaya says we can’t let her go in this condition. They hide her under a quilt. Vid is just pretending.

Nirman gives himself shocks. Becky says why he does this? Look at his condition. Power saving hour can start any moment. The power cuts, it announces that it earth hour so there shall be no electricity for 5 hours in ISRC. Nirman says why do they do this drama.

Sanyu asks vid how you feel now? Sanaya says she was not well and now this earth hour. If i faint will you take care of me? Sanyu smiles. Vid says thank you so much. I wanna go on walk. I feel giddy. sanyu says I will come with you. Vid says i will manage. I am fine don’t worry. Kiritka sees vid. Sanyu says please manage for tonight dont tell anyone. Kritika says I have no issues. Vid says in heart just for tonight.
Minka is looking for files in nirman’s office. Nirman sees her.
Randhir takes off his shirt and says its too hot. Sanaya comes in and hugs him.

Precap-Vid says I am an outsider here. Today we are all together. And two most special people of my life, randhir and sanyu are here. Everyone is shocked.

Written Update By Atiba


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