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Sadda Haq 25th December 2015 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Sanyu says all I wanted in my life was Engineering. My father and brother always opposed me. I thought I would never love because that person would so the same thing but you couldn’t even respect my dreams. He says you just want me to praise and boost you ego. You drive and I become cheerleader. Sanyu says you can never praise anyone. I just thought you wouldn’t laugh at me. He says that is the reason not to make me driver? sanyu says you are not driver because you are not good enough. You take things for granted. You would never win this. You can’t accept that. He says okay its my fault. I couldn’t get you.Randhir says now everything is clear. sanyu says its late we will talk after race tomorrow. Randhir says there is nothing left to talk. Sanyu says just go right now. He says there is no tomorrow. Good night.

The race is about to start. The media says the first female driver in history of this race is sanyu. Agarwal sees it on TV and leaves in anger. Sanyu says to Parth we can’t make any mistake. Parth says we wont. Sanyu says monitor everything.
Agarwal asks his driver to take him to the race.
Sanyu and parth sit in the car.

Agarwal asks for the tickets of the race. He gets them. Everyone comes to their places. The race starts. The commentator praises sanyu’s driving. The race is on going. The person agarwal sits next to cheers for sanyu. Agarwal says to the man I am kishor agarwal. Do you know her? He says I will hire her when she completes the race. Agarwal says whats so special others are performing well as well. Korea and India are fighting for the lead.
The businessman says I had a daughter. She had dreams like sanyu. I stopped her from everything. I got her married. Her in laws allowed her to chase her dreams. So She has everything in life now. Except me, she has no place for me in her life now.

The last lap of the race starts. Sanyu presses the red button. Everyone is dazed. Sanyu completes the race. She wins it and suddenly they meet an accident. Parth and sanyu fall out of the car. Parth is badly injured.
Parth was badly injured. He was taken in ambulance. Sanyuu was sitting there in shock as well. They take off Parth’s helmet. Randhir is with them. Randhir holds his hand.
Ranawat says forgive me. I killed you again today. your brother can’t do anything. He is good for nothing. I thought we will win competition. See, I won but I still lost it.
Sanyu said to randhir why it happened to me randhir. Randhir said you should ask yourself. You have all answers. You have ruined everything. You never listened to me. You see nothing in front of your ego not even your husband. Congratulations you have proved that you are better than me. I couldn’t do what you did to win. I can’t take someone’s life.
Randhir says to sanyu I wanted to marry a homey and understanding girl. You just care for yourself. I wanted to marry a simple girl not someone ambiitons hungry. Someone who destroys everything for success. Good luck for you life. I hope you get everything you want. he leaves and sanyu cries.

After some days, sanyu is sitting in garden. Agarwal comes and caresses her. She says I destroyed everything. My friend died because of me. It happened because of me. Agrwal hugs her.
Sanyu recalls the race track.

The end.

Written Update By Atiba


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