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Sadda Haq 25th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Scene 1

Sanyu asks parth has he observed Randhir? Parth suggests he wasn’t in home past evening. Sanyu says if you see him talk to him to contact me its urgent. Sanyu suggests in coronary heart why i come to feel that you are troubled. Sanyu seems to be everywhere you go but He’s nowhere. Sanyu goes to his space and sees that he has remaining his phone within the place.

Sanyu waits in The category. Randhir arrives and says don’t you’ve got a class? Sanyu suggests whats taking place within your head? he claims go from listed here. Sanyu says i have to speak to you. He says i dont wanna talk to you. Sanyu claims I’ll look ahead to you in retail store area till you appear there.

Its night, sanyu awaits randhir. he states I am able to’t chance your daily life, i have to try to avoid you. Sanyu states how much time will you’re taking? Please arrive. Sanyu sits in The shop space in tears.Doorway opens randhir is available in. Sanyu hugs him and says thanks a great deal for coming. She suggests you might be selfish. Should you beloved me you would’ve shared your suffering with me. I wont ever check with you. I detest you.She suggests i love you, you don’t understand anything. If you need to do something similar to this i wont see you yet again. Randhir claims can’t you leave me by yourself for number of times? She claims why? He says i dont have an answer. SAnyu states that you are selfish that you are The key reason why. I wont leave you at any time. He says I’m able to, randhir shoves her he suggests you realize I’m poor but i is usually an evil. SAnyu kisses him, he states do you might have any self respect. SAnyu states just eliminate me. Sanyu suggests i browse that letter I realize anything.

Sanyu recalls looking at the letter. randhir suggests why did you spy on me? sanyu says why dont you can get that i love you. I’m able to’t Are living without having you. Sanyu hugs him. Randhir hugs her and says will You usually love me? She states Sure.

Randhir suggests The key group actually exists, They can be really dangerous. Sanyu suggests what is going to we do? he claims i need to demolish them. Sanyu claims I’m with you. He says This is certainly why i wasn’t telling you. Sanyu says we are 1. He states It’s important to listen to me. Sanyu claims I do know. He suggests when will you recognize that i love you. Sanyu states we have been a single in life and death.

Adda comes to her cabin and sees that randhir and sanyu are shut. She claims okay retailer space.

Randhir holds sanyu’s hand. He suggests we will be with each other assure. SAnyu states you is likely to make me Section of all of your fights? He states all right. They come close to kiss. Another person knocks with the doorway. Adda states randhir open up the doorway. I know you’re inside with sanyu. Admin comes and asks whats happening? Adda suggests an individual is within open up the doorway. Admin claims the door is open I assume its jammed. Adda states crack it.

Adda comes in no person is there. she says how is this feasible? Admin says i informed you nobody comes listed here. She claims just get out.

Adda goes out of retail outlet space. she goes back to her cabin. She seems to be in her laptop they remain currently being revealed there, she claims there is something Improper with tracker probably.

randhir and sanyu disguise in the bottom. Randhir says how will we do this? Sanyu states There’s a way. Sanyu suggests if adda arrives on our aspect then possibly we will do a little something. Randhir suggests she wont be trapped? Sanyu says we can discover her weak spot by which we will blackmail her then perhaps we could do one thing. Randhir suggests she doesn’t have any weaknesses. Sanyu says Of course she’s going to be. she is a member of secret group but there has to be some weak point. We’ve got to uncover it our the moment. Randhir says alright we will try it. I will make a tracker that provides us data of all her actions. sanyu states this is a superb notion. He claims she is basically smart. Sanyu states you are more genius. Randhir claims you truly Believe so? Sanyu suggests believe in me. He states thank you and winks. he claims after we are together no one can win from us.

Randhir is working on the tracker in his space. Ada comes in, randhri is dazed.

Precap-Randhir states to adda its above she wont ever fulfill me once more. ada suggests Of course she went these days but Imagine if she comes back again once more? Make her hate you.Adda claims go slap her.

Written Update By Sahir


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