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Sadda Haq 25th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq Season 2

Scene 1
Sanyu is in office. She gets call from home.
Parth says uncle she will be worried don’t call her. Agarwal says why are you leaving you should stay here and rest? Do you have any issues here? Parth says no no you have done much for me. He looks at Vidushi. He says in heart I don’t want anny complications in their family because of me. Parth says I wanna take my own responsibility myself now. You people have done so much for me. I leanred that you should not take benefit from someone’s humbleness. Agarwal says okay you can. He leaves.
Parth comes out and calls saniyal industries. He asks do you have any contact of randhir, I am his college friend.

Sanyu comes to aryan and says how dare you to do this. I don’t have a job because of you. He says sorry. Sanyu says why you did this? He says so you can work on your fuel project. sanyu says it is not going to work. What were you even thinking. Aryan says it will work. sanyu says call pahuja and tell him you mailed. He says okay but after three days. I give you three days, if you don’t crack the fuel I will get you your job back. But if I do that my identity would be revealed. Sanyu says there are so many people outside who will kill you. He says yes and you are here to save me. Crack that fuel and save me from mailing pahuja and revealing my identity. My life is in your hands now.
Sanyu sees the news reporter says dark shadow has released a letter of his name. It starts with A. He says imagine what will happen if my whole identity is revealed. 3 days.

Sanyu comes home and doesn’t find Parth on table. Agarwal says come and eat sanyyu. Sanyu says I wanna work on something. I wanna use garage. Agarwal says what will you do there? Sanyu says office work. Annkita says my car is parked there. Agarwal says you can carry on there.
Ankit says my new car is parked there. Agarwal says you can use bus to go. Why have you billed the dubai trip in office’s name. He gets a text from vid. She says tell him you did that to save tax and introduced me to the board. Ankit says the same.
sanyu comes in her room and finds her books.
Parth calls sanyu and tells her he has left. sanyu says why you left? Parth says I have to find him. Sanyu says how will you find someone who doesn’t want to come in front of us. He says I will. Agarwal comes in and says sanyu I have opened the garage you can do your work.
Sanyu gets a call from aryan. He says found the lab? sanyu says yes but.. He says good luck. sanyu starts working. Suddenly a flask blasts. sanyu gets scared. She leaves.
Aryan is working, he says sanyu’s fuel is more efficient than consumption.
sanyu comes in, everyone is on dinner table.

A man says to other in office, on what basis should I fund you Nirman? He syas because you will regret if you don’t. The other man says I put faith in you when no one else did. Nirman says where is that faith lost now? He says the sitaution you are done, no one will fund you. I have been hearing you are making a space suit. Nirman says its done we will be on mars soon. The man says I can’t help you in this anymore. This is baseless. He leaves. Nirmann throws something at him. It faints.

The manage is in space suit. Nirman says in 10 seconds it will fly. Happy final journey. He countsdown to 10. The space suit sparks. Nirman says you said its inefficient. I have a surprise for you. He shows him the video. Nirman says now world would trust that this is a master piece. THe man says you will get the funds but don’t show me your face again. Nirman says I dont like your face either. Get the hell outta my suit now.

Precap-Some thugs pass comments on Aryan and sanyu. Aryan says sanyu ride the bike I am not in mood to. Sanyu rides the bike. Sanyu suddenly stops the bike.

Written Update By Atiba


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