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Sadda Haq 24th September 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
Ranawat says randhir will go in first and sanyu will try to save him. the time starts. Sanyu tries to drill the car, its not working. sanyu says the blade is not working. Buzz the buzzer. Randhir says i am sure you can do it. sanyu tries again. Sanyu says come out. He says i wont do it. Sanyu tries to cut the iron with all her strengths, randhir comes out. sanyu faints. Randhir says are you fine? She says why didn’t you press the buzzer? What if something happened to you? Randhir hugs her and says i love you i knew you would save me. ranawat says its randhir and parth’s turn now.

Randhir states to parth There’s time remain tranquil. Parth presses the buzzer accidently. Everyone is stunned. Ranawat states you are disqualified. Randhir states 25 seconds are left and I used to be performing it properly. Parth suggests i didn’t get it done delibrately. Ranawat says now parth has to save lots of sanyu. Randhir suggests parth why are you currently seeking again, do it parth aim please. Parth can’t aim. randhir sanyu push the button. sanyu claims parth dont stress just concentration. Randhir claims number of seconds left sanyu push the buzzer. A previous couple of seconds just before sanyu presses it. she suggests I’m sorry parth. Ranawat says parth and randhir are each disqualified sanyu wins it. 3rd spherical is more essential.

Scene 2
Sanyu trips renuka holds her. She says you came to meet randhir? renuka says no i came to talk to you? can we sit in your canteen? sanyu says yes. Renuka says there were so many differences between us, that phase was weird. you came to me for dream team funding. Sanyu says what happened ma’am. She says my relation with randhir can never be sorted out but at least he has someone he can confide in. He has stability in his life. The way you put it all effort. but sometimes being over ambitious backfires. When you lose a love ones it doesn’t come back. If someone had told me relations are more important that ambitions i wont have done these mistakes. but you still have time. she leaves.

Ranawat says to staff. You will find exterior and inner troubles in group. Workforce is created of people. they get and afterwards the team. i will sit with each one of you and job interview.
Initial is sanyu, Ranawat says you will be Fortunate to be sitting right here? Leg broken? When you are paired with randhir and parth what advantages and disadvantages in both equally scenarios. Sanyu says randhir is definetly more concentrated but he get carried away by his anger.
Randhir claims she is a woman but she thinks logically and methodologically. sanyu claims about parth he is relaxed but he theoretical information is weak.
Ranawat states if the race is tomorrow, who would you decide on? sayu says randhir and parth.
Randhir suggests me and sanyu. Ranawat states i ask all over again.
Parth says me and randhir. Ranawat suggests soon after a single month? He claims me and randhir. Ranwat claims what took place to you yesterday. he claims i was not concentrated. Ranawat says there’ll be additional interruptions there. Ranawat claims i request all over again. parth suggests randhir and sanyu, simply because they have a greater bond.

All of them are available in corridor. Ranawat suggests I realize you happen to be curious to find out who is chosen as driver and co-driver. There is something i must say and want to complete. He shakes hand with all 3 of these and claims very well completed. I must say all a few of you deserve a round of applause. I told you i wanna know you independently but which was a lure. I wished to see if you realize each other or not. If i pair you who’ll bond much better. And to start with title i must announce is randhir. Anyone claps. He says you held religion in sanyu and also you served parth. I choose to congratulate parth he shocked me with that answer if you took somebody else’s title. In case the race was tomorrow you and randhir might have been selected. But its soon after two thirty day period I might select randhir and sanyu. Parth congratulates them. Ranawat suggests you’re a deserving stand by if anything transpires to them. You may be changing them. Ranawat says its time and energy to compete who will be driver and who’ll be co-driver.

Precap-Sanyu asks randhir where have you brought me? she sees the cake congrats for being co driver. She says what is this? he says i arranged a cake for us. She says we are here to celebrate our victory and hugs him.

Written Update By Sahir


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