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Sadda Haq 24th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq Season 2

Scene 1
Aryan says in heart I cant see someone disrespecting you sanyu, even if its nirman. He gives sanyu her phone back. Sanyu says I am sorry. He says its okay. Sanyu gives him water. He takes some sips.
Joy gets a call from Minka. He cuts it. Minka stops him and says you cant run away from me. you can’t ignore you, you will be in trouble. You should thank me that I stopped you here. Joy sees Nirman coming in. Joy says I am not stupid you can’t blackamil me. Minka says he is my target you are not. Joy says I don’t car what youa re doing. Stay away from me. Don’t bring my dad in all this. I have a choice, I choose not to mess with Nirman. She grasps his collar and says mission mars will fail and all will die. And you were right your dad didn’t have a choice but you do, to save your team. He hugs him clicks some pictures. She says now go and take rest and if you tell someone about it, I will send these photos to Nirman.

Warden comes in room, sanyu hides with aryan behind closet. He is close to her. The song ‘yeh fitur’ plays in background. Warden leave. sanyu says laptop is open and comes out. Aryan says I will see you.
Vid is roaming in ISRC, she says I am not going from here that easily.
Sanaya is listening to music and dancing while randhir works. She says sheikho you don’t even look at me. He says you are following dance like no one is watching. I am too focused today. Why are you so happy. She says if you do something I will be happy. you are so boring and old. He says you asked me to do it. She says are you hallucinating? Take a deep breathe. He says dont act. SHe says you are doing overtime. He says we will fail our mission and nirman agreed. sanaya says nirman knows you are doing this? Nirman will fire Arjun yayy.

nirman receives and email of design. He says this is sharp. Becky says where are you going? Nirman says to meet randhir. becky says we have a meeting. He says I will go and meet him first. sanyu receives mail, fantastic design. She says nirman? Aryan sent him the design. sanyu stops nirman and says thank you for the opportunity. Nirman says I don’t have time. She says but this mail. I sent you design and your replied me this. Nirman says thats you design? He sees randhir coming in. Sanyu says yes it is mine.
nirman stops randhir and says how dare you. you sent her design from you email.
Randhir says hacking is so easy these days, I haven’t sent you any mail. Nirman says you may go. He looks at sanyu. Sanyu says I dont know how.. Nirman says you did the same thing again. You wanted a chance and you have proved yourself. You are a thief and nothing else. He leaves. Nirman comes there he says in heart i am sorry sanyu, i will make everything okay.

Aryan comes to sanyu, sanyu says please dont say something. He says I wanted nirman to see your deisgn, he would never open your mail so I used rnadhir’s. sanyu says I don’t wanna talk about it. Aryan says in heart I am sorry sanyu I hate my self. He says sanyu.. Sanyu leaves. He stops her, sanyu shoves him and says aryan please. He says I am sorry. sanyu says I know you did it for me. But I have to survive alone. She leaves.

Vid says to sanyu call papa and tells him I will stay here today. I stay home all day I feel so exhausted. I need a small break. sanyu says but.. vid says papa will never say no to you.

Precap-vid says we are at this place and two special people of my life have come back. They are sanyu and randhir. Everyone is shocked.

Written Update By Atiba


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