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Sadda Haq 24th December 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
Everyone is working on the car. Yoyo drops panel on sanyu’s foot. sanyu says what are you doing? He says sorry. I will miss your anger. He hugs her. Vid says I am here too. And I will miss all this too. Randhir asks for spanner. yoyo says i dont have it. Sanyu gives it to him. He recalls all good old times with her.
They are done. Vid says this calls for a hug. Yoyo says we should party tonight. Sanyu says no you people will drink. PArth says we will stay in limit. Vid says please. sanyu says okay but stay in limit dont drink much.

Agarwal gets a call from a girl, he says i read your CV I am not impressed. She says I read about your daughter I am really inspired. I want to work with her father. It must be impossible without your support. Agarwal hangs up.

They play truth and dare in party. Parth asks yoyo what was randhir’s first impression? Yoyo says I was depressed by his anger but when I got to know he was a different person inside. Yoyo says now parth will tell about vid. Parth says she seemed like any other girl but later i realized she is different but reality was different anyway. They spin the bottle. It sanyu. Yoyo says tell about randhir. Sanyu says randhir is very intelligent. Who doesn’t know about that. Vid says tell us what we don’t know. Sanyu says I really love him. Yoyo says we know that as well. He spins the bottle, its randhir. Yoyo says tell about sanyu. Randhir says you all know how strong minded she is and I love her too. Parth says looks like its school’s first day. Yoyo says lets dance. Parth says this is our last night together. Yoyo says we don’t have DJ here. Sanyu says we can play music anyway.
Yoyo gives a guitar to Parth. He plays it for them. He stands sanyu and randhir. Vid says come on dance. Parth says my bro and bhabhi will dance. This is our last night together so as a caring friend I give you permission to spend as much time as you want together. Parth plays the guitar. the song ‘agar tum saath ho’ plays. Sanyu adn randhir are trying to ignore while everyone tries to push them for dance. Randhir hold her and they dance.
Someone from committe comes and says sanyu you have not informed us who will drive in the race tomorrow. Sanyu says I am sorry sir for tomorrow we have two drivers, Parth and myself sanyukta. he writes the names.
Sanyu says we almost lost today because of driver’s stubborness and miscommunication. This is better for the team that I drive. So its late we should all go and rest.
Sanyu looks at randhir.

Parth caresses the car. He says this is it. My life and future are in front of me. Its the answer of everything. I used to sit in street and study there. I fought in fight club but tomorrow is the biggest fight of my life. I have to win this race.
Randhir says to sanyu i want to talk to you. Sit here. Sanyu says what you wanted to talk about? i think its race tomorrow you shouldn’t drink. He says I dont have to drive. sanyu says whatever I say doesn’t matter to you. He says then why do you love me? Or you dont? He says so what we said wasn’t completely true. Lets say truth now. He sits and drinks more. He spins the bottle and says your turn. What is the one thing you love the most about me? Difficult question right? What is the one thing you hate about me? You dont have an answer for this as well? How much do you hate me? sanyu says why dont you answer. He says okay. He says i loved a woman in childhood, i used to miss her, cry for her but she never had time for. I only had her but she had career, ambition, money. I hated her.
Now you have taken her place. You have no place for me. Like you left your dad and brother you might leave me one day as well.

Precap-Sanyu says to parth we cant make any mistake. The race starts. Its last lap. Sanyus pushes the car. She presses the red button. Everyone is dazed.

Written Update By Atiba


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