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Sadda Haq 23rd June 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Sanyu and Randhir are dancing. Sanyu has fallen asleep on his shoulder while dancing.
Randhir picks her up and takes her to her room.
Kritika says I am sorry. Joy says it was my mistake. she says I overreacted. Joy says I was scared of losing you. I shouldn’t have listened to Randhir.Kritika says you haven’t proposed me formally. He says you want me to propose you formally? Kritika says which girl doesn’t want that? Joy says you will be proposed soon. Till then I want to live these moments. She says no more lies from now on. Joy says done. They come close to kiss and their nose collides. Joy says sorry I have never been in relationship before. Kritika says this is new for me too. He holds her hand.

Randhir lays sanyu on bed. He covers her with sheet. Sanyu says in sleep Randhir. I love Randhir. Actually we both have hurt each other. We need good relationship. We have to apologize for our mistakes. We have to accept each other with each others flaws and overlook them.
Randhir says we will apologize and live like a happy couple forever.

Randhir starts writing his mistakes on board. Sanyu comes in. Randhir says what are you doing here? She says I came to meet you. He says did you drink lemonade? She says yes. Sanyu says why you wrote my name? Randhir says I was writing how many times have i hurt you so I can apologize. Sanyu says thats not needed. Let by gones be by gones. You love me and thats important for us and our future. sanyu hugs him.
Suddenly all the boys come and say what happened randhir? Sanyu says I thought sanyu was here. Arjun says whats on the board? Randhir says I was writing how many times I have hurt sanyu. Arjun says must be a long record.
Sumit says whats no. 1? Randhir writes Kaustuki. Arjun says who is she. Randhir tells them about kaustuki. Randhir says second is.. why am I sharing this with you guys? Sumit says how would we know. Randhir says how many points are there sanyu. I have to apologize so many times.

Sanyu wakes up her heard hurts. Sanaya gives her lemonade. Sanyu says thanks. Sanyu says my head hurts. Sanaya says I knew. Sanaya says you and randhir have patched up? sanyu says no we talked a lot. Sanaya says about? Sanyu says about past and future. Sanyu says yayy I knew you would be together. Sanyu says don’t shout. Randhir comes in and says yes sanaya don’t shout. we are together my farzi is mine and will always be. He hugs her. Sanaya says sanyu are you dreaming? Sanyu says yes. sanyu says I recall I said him last night that we can only be together when we realize and apologize for our mistakes. i have decided I will apologize for all my mistakes. sanaya says what have you done? sanyu says a lot.
Sanyu and randhir both write their mistakes on board.
Arjun asks randhir where have you reached? Rnahdir says just first year’s fourth month and so much has happened already. Arjun says so you identified root cause of your hatred?
Sanaya asks who is karan? sanyu says randhir’s childhood friend. I kicked him out of college. sanaya says where is he? Sanyu says he is no more.

Precap-Sanyu asks Randhir what are you doing? Randhir says I have ruined this machine.I want you to apply your engineering and bring me out of this chamber in five minutes or there would be poisonous gasses in this chamber. Sanyu says please I can’t do this. sanyu starts working on the machine.

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