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Sadda Haq 23rd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq Season 2

Scene 1
Agarwal is going through sanyu’s childhood photos. Ankit comes and says she was weird since then. Agarwal says you had a meeting have you forgotten? He says no no I remember. Agarwal says go to market and bring almonds. Ankit says yes you should eat them, it helps in your age. He says to sanyu’s picture, today you favorite kheer will be made, like your mom used to make. And ankit eat rest of almonds so you remember your meetings.

At ISRC, Aryan says to Nirman I want to talk to you. Nirman says I hold all the administration of project. Aryan says its about how the interns are treated here and how they feel. I think you should give it a thought. Nirman says some people didn’t succeed, because they had way more courage than need or they had way more attachment then needed. I see both issues in you.

Vid coms to kitchen and sees everything messed up. She is about to smoke agarwal comes and says Vid come here. Taste this kheer. Vid says its really good. Ankit comes in and says why is kitchen to messed up. agarwal says why don’t you clean it. Its your house too. Vid must be tired. Vid says papa I will pack this kheer and give it to sanyu. I haven’t met sanyu in a long time. Agarwal says okay.

At ISRC, Aryan is working on his design. sanaya says look at that design randhir. See what we should do. Randhir says its his job let him do it. Sanaya says we are all a team and should work together. Randhir comes and tells arjun how to sort his design. Arjun says thank you so much, first you prove my design faulty and now you are giving suggestion. What the hell do you think of yourself? What you wanna prove? Randhir says I am sorry I tried helping you. Sanaya says you idiot he was trying to help you.
Sanaya says randhir wait. He says see they dont deserve him. Sanaya says we will all suffer because of him. Randhir says you are right.
Sanyu recalls how nirman treats her. Sanaya comes and says sanyu you didn’t tell me. I thought you are nice and genuine. But you are selfish, I never even thought it. Sanyuu says sanaya.. Sanaya says what facewash you use? I smile so much yet my skin is dull and you cry so much still your skin glows. Sanyu says you’re a sweet roommate that is why. Sanaya says that means you are not. Sanyu laughs. She says thanks for making me laugh.
Vid calls sanyu and says I am on reception. Sanyu comes there. Vid says this place is really nice. She collides with someone and kheer spills down.
Sanyu comes, Vid says papa sent kheer for you. Sanyu says papa sent it for me? She tries to pick it up and says its okay.

Becky says to randhir nirman is busy, you are wasting your time. You can’t disturb him. Randhir says I am waiting for him. Becky says whatever message you have give it to me, I will convey it to him. Randhir says I will wait. She says okay good luck.
Sanyu calls agarwal and says this is exactly like ma’s kheer. Agarwal is in tears. He says I will talk to you later.
Sanyu says to aryan I really miss him. She eats the remaining kheer. Aryan eats it. sanyu says give it to me. He says no. she runs after him. She falls on him. Sanyu says its mine. He says yes I am all yours.

Nirman comes out. Randhir says you knew I am waiting. Nirman says since its you, you have 10 seconds. Randhir says arjun can’t do it. Nirman says then who can? Randhir says you will suspension design before deadline. Nirman nods and leaves.
Aryan and sanyu come in girls’ room. She says I want you to see my design. Sanyu shows him design. He holds her hand and says I trust you. Sanyu says I don’t know even if he will see my design or not. Aryan says in heart I will make him see. He says do you have water? sanyu goes out to bring water. Aryan emails the design to Nirman.
sanyu comes back in and sees him on her laptop.

Precap-Becky asks randhir where are you going? He says to meet randhir. Sanyu says to Nirman thank you for the opportunity. Nirman says is this your design? She says. Nirman says to randhir why did you send her design from your ID?

Written Update By Atiba


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