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Sadda Haq 22nd January 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq Season 2

Scene 1
Aryan says to sanyu, my phone. Sanyu says I know your secret. Aryan is dazed.
Aryan says what nonsense are you saying? I am not dark shadow. sanyuu says you will answer me that. Why is news channel mailing you? Why they wanna interview you? What identity they wanted to keep secret? They were thank you. He says I don’t want to argue on this. Its dangerous. Very dangerous. This secret will stay between us. SAnyu says yes. Sanyu says that day when company had virus attack, I saw you in server roo. I got to know that you are not a simple repair man. but i didn’t know you are dark shadow. Doesn’t this scare you? he says not at all. She says you help people. He says you wanna see how I do this? she says no. I am not adventurous.
Aryan drops sanyu at home. He says you have adventurous trip still. She says no. He says i have been alone it would have been great if you had come and helped. Sanyu says when did dark shadow started needing help? He says dark shadow is a normal human. He says I haven’t slept for 7 days. Sanyu says why? He says I was tracking someone but she got know my secret. Anyway if your mind changes let me know. He leaves.

Aryan comes at home and sees sanyu on his gate. He says you said you wont come? sanyu says you said come if your mind changes so I did. He says this dog is pluto. Its our neighbor’s dog. He goes to drop pluto to his house.
He opens the door. The room in unorganzied. sanyu says you live here? You don’t have a chair for someone? You live here alone? He says yes I do. as of now. Sanyu says who is your next target? He says this guys. Politician’s child. He sell drugs illegally. Sanyu says why have you not informed police? He says I need to do more. Here is the list of people who died consuming his drugs. Sanyu sees randhir’s name in the list. She is dazed. sanyu recalls their moments together. She opens the profile. Its not her randhir. Aryan brings her juice. Sanyu says you solve your cases here? He says no I research here? I do work in field. I locate and trace them. Sanyu says dark shadow fails too? He says yes I chased more than 300 people in these 5 years. I only caught 23. I don’t give up. I do it because i can. sanyu says what about this case? He says I will do it. I need to find something.

Vid says to ankit check parth’s BP. He says you do it. Vid says he will be comfortable if you do it. Ankit says you can do this. He leaves. Vid sits with parth. She checks his BP.
Aryan falls asleep on couch. Sanyu says aryan look at the video he is taking money. Aryan says he is politician’s son. He can win the case. sanyu says you wanna waste the effort? He says its a waste of time. sanyu says this wrong. He says I know this. He says i think I need to cut down on this. Sanyu says it will make a difference with time. He says you are an engineer why don’t you work on it. sanyu says you know nothing. He says neither do you. sanyu says I almost killed someone.
Aryan says you have to get back to life. That was not your fault. You gave up. sanyu says i came here to help you not to discuss my life. I think I am done.

Sanyu recalls what aryan said. sanyu sees some papers, she says this is my project’s file. Aryan drops her a message. He says is your project file that you sold to a company. They didn’t carry it along because they are not as genius as you but now you don’t wanna do this. Your project is over.
sanyu sits down and says can I do this? Am I giving up too early?
Sanyu looks for her research’s main file.She says i dont remember where i put it.

Parth puts on his shirt himself. VId comes in and helps him. He reverts back. Vid says does it hurt? He says you at this time? SHe says your room’s light was on. Papa asked me to check. Vid says I am married now if you think i have any wrong intentions then its not like that. He says I am sorry I am not thinking wrong.

Agarwal comes to sanyu’s room and finds an engieering book near her. Sanyu wakes up. She hides the books. Agarwal says drink the tea. you will feel better.
Sanyu says in heart i worked all night and got nothing i can’t do this. She says I am late to work. She calls aryan. Sanyu sees news. he says what happened to project? sanyu says thanks for the support. I don’t think.. sanyu sees in news that new space department’s head has announced to hire engineers that are freshly graduates. Aryan says sanyu you can do this. sanyu says I have to go to job i am late.

Sanyu comes to office. Someone is packing her stuff. She asks what are you doing? He says I am ordered to pack your stuff. Sanyu asks krishna. He says you emailed your resignation last night. sanyu says no i didn’t.
Aryan says sorry sanyu i only had this option.

Precap-Sanyu says to aryan, how could yo do this. Call Pahuja and tell him you mailed it. He says after three days. I am giving you three days to work on that fuel. Aryan drops sanyu. Some thugs make comments on her. Aryan says ride the bike sanyu. You will do it.

Written Update By Atiba


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