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Sadda Haq 21st October 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
Vid is in the lab, she says how will I do this in 20 minutes? They can ask anything. If i want job I have to do this perfectly. Parth comes in and starts working on the machine. Vid says can you explain me. He says no i wont. She says explain me while you are doing this. He says no I wont. She says okay. Vid sees him secretly and does exactly like he does. She burns her hand. Parth comes to her and says where is your brain. she says I am really hurt. He says now you know what pain feels like. He says you will get sympathy of placement team. She says I will find a better job than you, watch it. She leaves. Parth continues to work.

Tania asks sanyu why are you upset? Your parents have fixed your wedding as well? Sanyu says that happened years ago.
Randhir comes to renuka’s place. Randhir sees harsh and says what you are doing here at mom’s place? He says i had to talk to her about something. Randhir says did you drink? He says I am trying to quit. Randhir says you look different. He says I am your same dad. Randhir says where were you whole day? Harsh says i was out for walk. Randhhir says why didnt you pick my call? He says my phone was dead. He goes to washroom. Ranhdir checks his phone and reads a text, It was nice seeing you. Hope to see you soon again. Randhir says does dad have some affair with someone? Randhir leaves. Harsh comes and sees that randhir checked his phone. He calls renuka and says plan is executing perfectly. Randhir read the text.

Vid says everything is so easy for you and randhir. Sanyu says everyone has opportunities. Vid says you will get a job wherever you want but I will have to work hard for it. Even when I need it the most. Randhir comes to college infuriated. He throws away the stuff and says I hate them. Parth comes and tries to control him. Sanyu comes and hugs him. She says what happened? he says I hate them. Sanyu says please sit here. Randhir says he is like my mom. sanyu says who? He says dad. Randhir says my dad has an affair with someone. how can he do this? I have no one but him. He is just selfish. He didn’t even ask me. Sanyu says he really cares about you. Think about it. He says he is my mom’s husband. I thought I’ll unite them this time. My family can never unite. I am a fool. Sanyu hugs him and says everything will be fine. Just calm down.
Randhir recalls Renuka and Harsh’s fights. He recalls the text. Then randhir tries to recalls the number. One of them is renuka’s number. Randhir says so dad went out with mom? no they hate each other. How is that possible. Let me check mom’s office camera. He sees that renuka and harsh hugged and sat together. Randhir is dazed.

Sanyu fills randhir’s type. She phone calls him, he arrives sits beside her. Sanyu doesn’t recognize. He states am I invisible. Sanyu states sorry. She states have you been bugged? he states no. I am truly joyful. sanyu suggests excellent. Sanyu suggests i stuffed this way. He suggests you might want to chill a bit. I should show you one thing. Sanyu suggests I’ve to obtain the position in which you do. Now fill the shape. Randhir states you will be like your dad, hitler. She says did you say something? Sanyu claims You must fill with black pen. She states fill soon after i do. Why have you been so chilled out? Randhir states I bought to grasp whom dad is courting. I am not certain but its mom. Sanyu states your mom and father went out for the day. Randhir says i hope its like that. Sanyu claims terrific.

Partuh states my aspiration work is HTW car. Randhir suggests dubai? He says This is certainly the most important corporation. Vid states This really is this kind of a great job. Sanyu claims This really is dream job. Parth states We’ll all implement. They gives you an opportunity to design your own private vehicle. Rishab is available in and suggests what’s going to you receive by using a position. Do something neat men. They dismiss him. Parth states job interview will be hard. Vid leaves and says I’m heading to organize.

Precap-Sanyu says all three companies have interview at same time so I will skip two. They asks sanyu to stay for second round. Sanyu asks later you asked me to stay for second round? They say we can only hire one candidate. Renuka calls Sanyu and says i got that guy selected.

Written Update By Sahir


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