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Sadda Haq 21st June 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Sumit hit the glass the tasks because Sanaya distracts him. Joy says this is cheating. sanyu says to sanaya calm down. Sumit kneels. Kritika says is he proposing her? Sumit says I have been thinking to do it since time. Can we dance? Arjun says what kinda punishment is that? Sanaya says sure why not. Sanaya and Sumit dance. Sumit says I don’t know how to dance. Sanaya says I will teach you don’t worry. Sanaya says you are so cute like a teddy bear. Sanaya says in heart I know randhir you will do something good.

Next in Kritika she throw one in the ball. Joy misses.
Sanyu says to Kritika I know you will win. Kritika says he has to be worried. She hits the glass and wins. Sanyu says punishment time. Sanaya says what have you decided? SAnaya says kick him where it hurts more. Kritika says I can’t embarrass him. Sanyu says you know why you can’t? Because you really love her. Kritika says like you can’t embarrass Randhir right? Kritika says to joy give me your phone? He says why? Kritika says just give me. She uses his phone. Kritiak shows him something and says read it loud. He reads you are like my sister. I wonder whether I like mountains and roads. She says now send it to all girls in your contact list. He says what are you trying to do? She says so no one sees you the way I see you. I like you joy. She hugs him.

Arjun plays with Kritika she loses. Arjun asks her to do catwalk. Kritika does. Arjun says to joy better now? He says yes.
Sanyu and randhir are next.
Sanyu takes Randhir;s hand. She kisses his cheek. Sanyu dances with Randhir. Randhir was dreaming all this. Joy says what are you thinking. Sanyu puts the ball in glass. Sanyu says your turn randhir. Randhir misses. Sanaya says loser. Arjun says we lost because of you rnadhir. Sanyu says in heart I know you lost by will randhir. Sanyu says give him punishment that reminds him that girls are better than boys.
randhir says I don’t care give whatever punishment you want. Sanyu says its easy, you won’t ever lie to me. Randhir says i saw a dream that we were dancing. Do you wanna do that in real? Kritka says say yes sanyu. Sanyu says yes.
Sanyu and Randhir dance on ishq wala love. He hugs her.

Precap-Randhir says to sanyu you are not like other girls you are different and difficult. You are better than me in certain things that is why I used to fight with you. Sanyu says why you crashed cars? Randhir says that thrill kept me alive. Sanyu says what you did in those two years? Randhir says in those years I just missed you.

Written Update by Atiba

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