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Sadda Haq 21st January 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq Season 2

Scene 1
Sanyu searches about aryan online. She says thats impossible there is no info about him. Agarwal says sanyu your friend is here. Sanyu goes out and sees aryan. Doctor is there as well. Agarwal says parth’s BP is not normal. So Aryna has brought a new machine. Aryan says the machine will help him breathe better.
They fix the new machine. Aryan says in heart I know you don’t like me , you are lucky she takes care of you. Doctor says I have fixed the machine. I should tells its functioning to someone so you can operate in my absence. Agarwal says tell her. Sanyu says no I don’t get all this please tell papa.

Agarwal says to sanyu ankit and vid are coming tomorrow. sanyu says best. they hear noise form parth’s room. Parth is struggling to breathe. Agarwal cant fix it. sanyu says aryan please do something check the machine. Agarwal says i am bringing the doctor. Sanyu says i cant do this. Arayn says you have to do this. We don’t have time. sanyu says i can’t do this, i will kill him. Aryan says you have to do this for parth. He puts machine in front of her. He says open the board. He gives her the screw. Sanyu sits down and opens the board. Aryan guides her. He says you can do this. sanyu does as he directs. Sanyu fixes the pipe. Parth breathes normal. sanyu hugs him. Aryan says in heart i am sorry sanyu i had to make your realize you can do this. Agarwal comes in with doctor. Agarwal says who fixed the machine? Sanyu? Aryan smiles and says yes.Agarwal says in heart this means aryan did it deliberately.

Aryan says to parth I am sorry I had to do this, so sanyu could fix the machine. get well soon. Parth is dazed. Aryan leaves.
Sanyu is walking out with aryan. She says life is weird at times. you never know when your preconceived notions break. My brain wasn’t working when i fixed that machine just hands. Thank God nothing wrong happened. He says stop thinking everything is fine. Sanyu says I wanna tell you something. I never did. I am.. Sanyu says I am and engineer form FITE. Engineering was my life. Machines and grease, i used to love its smell. Then an accident happened. I couldn’t get back to engineering. The game is over. Aryan says you should start again. Dreams are never over, we just park them to a side. You are intelligent you have to get back, sanyu says not again. He says because of that accident? Its like i made a wrong slide so I wont make a ppt again. Sanyu says its not that simple. He says its not that complicated as you are making it. Sanyu says it happens it books. He says books are inspired from real life as welll. sanyu says i am not like dark shadow and I am a simple girl. He says dark shadow might be a simple human too. sanyu says anwyay, you tell me have you done anythign adventurous. he says no. sanyu says no secret nothing? He says no. Sanyu says okay. He says i think its too late you should go home. Good night.
Sanyu says in FITE i didn’t take much time to find something about someone. Good night.

Scene 2
Next morning, sanyu sees the car open. She says where is the mechanic? I am getting late. Sanyu starts fixing the car. Suddenly there is a little spark, sanyu gets scared.Sheb says its not my cup of tea anymore.

Parth sees someone coming in his room with breakfast. Its vidushi. Parth says vidushi you here? sanyu says you have to relax. papa told me what happened yesterday. So i and ankit came back. Papa has asked me to take care of you. I am very happy that you are back. God listened to my prayers. Parth is dazed. She says yes I pray now, things have changed in 2 years. Rest, let me know if you need something. She takes out a small bottle and says will you take a small sip? You will feel better. She taks a sip and winks at him.

Aryan comes to sanyu. Sanyu my PC is lagging. He says you look upset whats wrong? Sanyu says I dont know why am I telling you. Remember you were talking about engineering. I cant do it. He says you saved parth. sanyu says it was just by fluke. I could endanger his life even more. She gets a call. Aryan says in heart i will bring engineering back in your life. Aryan leaves.
sanyu sees that aryan forgot his phone on snayu’s desk. She sees email from news company thanking him for the MNA news. sanyu says so aryan is dark shadow? Arayn is in front of her. Sanyu is dazed. Sanyu returns his phone.

Precap-Sanyu says I know it aryan. I know your secret. Aryan shows her a list. It has randhir’s name in it too.

Written Update By Atiba


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