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Sadda Haq 21st April 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Nirman says you have beaten joy sanyu. So joy is out. Sumit says sanyu you have stamina. Randhir is mad. Nirman says in heart I wont leave you if it is what I am thinking.
Sanyu says to aryan I am fine, go sleep. I am so happy I made it. And thanks for motivating me. Aryan says it was rigged. Randhir. Sanyu stands up. He says no. Your health is more important. We can expect this from him and nirman was with him. Sanyu says he supported randhir. Aryan says this is easy for him. He knew everything. He let randhir do it. It wont blame him. sanyu says but why? Kick me out if I am not performing well. I have to talk to nirman. He says you wont go anywhere.
Aryan tells her jokes. She laughs.

kritika gives joy a drink. He says I could do this I dont know what happened. Arjun says chill. It was a competition. Kritika says you are still in team. Your health is more important. Arjun says even I am eliminated. Don’t overreact. Sanyu comes it. She asks how you feel now? He says how would I feel after eliminating? sanyu says it was not your fault. Joy says it was. Sanaya says hi to sanyu and asks how are you? Sanyu says you better worry about randhir because he would be worried that I am fine. sanaya says why are you saying that? sanyu says because he is more concerned about my failure than his victory. She recalls how he behaved about sanyu’s plan and ditched in the end.
Sanaya sits with randhir and says same black coffee. You are bitter lik this. I know you are upset. Randhir says sanaya leave me alone please. She says I had a friend. Really close to me. He used to be mad at me. He didn’t smile, or talk to anyone. Because people were scared to talk to him. but I annoyed him, he went mad but never hurt me. He can’t hurt anyone. He can’t harm anyone because he is a wonderful human. Randhir says he showed you that way. but you know there are things that you don’t know about him.
Nirman is solving something. Mrs. Subri comes. She says its important. We need your sign on these. He signs them. Subri says when sanyu got to know that she did better than joy I was sure she has potential. She is so determine. Nirman says I would respect you if you do what you are asked to. She says sorry sir.

Aryan throws the med bottle at randhir. Randhir says you find everything after it all hapapned. but you can’t stop me. Aryan says I am in front of the girl you are trying to hurt and will always be. Randhir says i am not interested in who you are. Aryan says I am like this bottle. keep things in control. When people cross limits I bring them back. Oh but you are alone. Randhir says i know and I am enough for you and sanyu. Aryan says dont mess with me.

Precap-Doctor says you are not fit for the task. sanyu says I am fine. Nirman comes and says enough sanyu.

Written Update by Atiba

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