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Sadda Haq 20th June 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
The boys get ready. Joy says why are girls not here? Randhir says they will come.Stay in attitude. Lets drink till then. Sumit says I have tortured my liver so much. Arjun says there is nothing left in this party. Radnhir says lets go and ask them but we will say we were passing my so we came.
The girls are playing truth and dare. First is sanyu. She says truth. sanaya says I will ask. She says sheikho is is so hot haven’t your feet tremble ever? Sanyu says we kissed a couple of times. Sanaya says I am asking something else. Sanyu says no never. sanaya says you are boring. If he was mine I would never have left him. Its sanaya now. Sanaya says truth. kritika says who was your last crush? Sanaya says I won’t tell. Sanyu says you have to. Sanaya says you will laugh at me. Kritika says you have to tell us. Sanaya says he is from ISRC. Kritika says randhir? Sanaya says eww no. He is mother in law plus boyfriend. Sanyu says Sumit? Sanaya says that kid no. Sanaya says Nirman sir. Sanyu says how could you.. He tried to kick me out of here. Sanaya says he is so hot. His perfume got me high. Kritika says you are awesome. Sanaya says vardhan.. Sanyu says he was like a father figure to me. He always supported me. We lost him. Sanaya says he was hot. Kritika says show me his photo. Sanaya shows his photo. Sanyu says he is no more. Sanaya says next. Its kritika. Kritika says dare. Sanyu says you sure? Sanaya says who would you kiss in both of us? Kritika says no never. I have never even kissed a guy. sanaya says let me tell you. She comes close to Kritika the boys come in. Sanaya says what are you people doing here? Randhir says we were passing by so we thought we should ask. Sanyu says make a sensible excuse at least. Joy says to sumit she is not making eye contact. I think she is embarrassed. Sanyu says we are having fun here we don’t need you people. You can go. SAnyu says the night is so interesting we are playing truth and dare. Some people only play lie and dare. Randhir says what games? Sanyu says we know your and Joy’s game. Kritika says I know what you were doing to fool me Joy with randhir. Randhir says you people are so complicated. Sanyu says then go have fun. Sumit says girls lets go. Who will drink all that wine? Rnadhir says one bottle is enough for them. Sanyu says better not talk about capacity.

The boys sit and drink. Joy says I miss girls. Randhir says they will come. Arjun says I said lets go back to room. They wont come. Randhir says I know the most complicated girl. They will all come.
Sanyu and girls come in. Sanyu says now you will know girls can party better than you.
Ready to see the other side of girls. Sanaya says ready to lose? Arjun says you get ready to lose. sanyu says let the game begins.
Sanyu says they are looking at us like lions but they sure are scared.
Randhir says they are sitting like mannequins.
Sanyu says what to do randhir? Rnadhir says lets do a bear competition. Sanyu says so predictable. We have to put that small ball in bear. It requires concentration.
Randhir says let me tell you rules or you will start crying later. You have aim opponent glass with this bear if it hits you win. Otherwise you have to drink a glass. Sanyu says lets start now. Randhir says we will do it in pairs. one guy and one girl. Sanyu says we have no problem.
The game starts.Sanaya couldn’t hit so she drinks a glass. Sumit is next.

Precap-Sanyu hits the glass but randhir misses. Sanaya says losers. She says Sanyu give him a punishment that reminds all boys girls are better than them, sanyu takes his hand. She kisses his cheek. Sanyyu dances with Randhir.

Written Update by Atiba

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