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Sadda Haq 2nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq Season 2

Scene 1
A girl comes to Gupta and says hi. He says how you know me? SHe says I have heard of your dad. He says yes he forced me to join ISRC. She says I think I forgot my phone. Can I borrow yours. He says yeah sure. She rings it and days oh its in my bag. I will see you later. The airforce guy says to him she has given you her number save it. She gave you a green signal. He says she is out of my league.

Nirman says your next task is that you will be in chamber and oxygen level in chamber will keep dropping. You will have time for practice.
Nirman asks becky to call sanaya. Becky calls sanaya. She says if you come today then its okay otherwise I will have to send rejection letter to your place. Sanaya says no no I am coming. Becky says okay I will see you then.
She says to Sheikhu if dad gets to know he will kill me.
Sanyu goes for practice session. Aryan says I am going to canteen. Sanyu is working the chamber. The oxygen level lowers. Alarm indicates her to evacuate the chamber. Sanyu comes out. She is breathing heavily. Sanyu faints. Aryan holds her.

Sanyu wakes up in her bed. She looks for aryan. Sanyu goes out. A beggar scares her. She sees Aryan and hugs her. Aryan asks what happened? Sanyu says this beggar. aryan says he is my friend. He really like running. Aryan grasps him tightly, he runs. Sanyu laughs. Aryan says what are you doing out here? sanyu says i was feeling heavy. You were not in bed so I came outside. Sanyu says lets go.

Next, morning, A girl comes running in. Guard stop her. She says I am here for exam. A bit late though. She looks for Nirman’s cabin. She puts plants on fire. A woman comes in and says how you did this. She says I liked it. The woman says you destroyed the invention. She says it doesn’t affected by fire. I studied about them.

Nirman says you had 10 minutes for practice. You have a competition. Sanaya, she is one of the best genetic experts in country. You will have 5 minutes in real test. He says good luck and only five minutes. He says in heart sanyu you should never have stolen my project. Your mars mission will never be fulfilled.
The airforce guy goes in. He does the task and comes out. The other girl goes in. She completes it too. Aryan goes in, he does it too. Next is sanyu. Sanaya comes to her and says hey relax. Don’t be tensed. Don’t worry you will clear it and I leave this place soon. sanyu says what? She says nothing. All the best.
Sanyu goes in, nirman changes some settings. Sanyu can’t do the task and faints. Nirman says sorry sanyu you are good but not good enough.

Precap-Sanyu says sir please try me once again. Nirman says I don’t want you here. You don’t deserve to be here. You are out of ISRC. Randhir comes in.

Written Update By Atiba


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